Wear Your Engagement Ring with Confidence, but Protect It

wear your engagement ring

You feel a deep love for your loved one. Your soulmate always warms your soul. Your twin flame sets your heart on fire. And to you, your sparkling diamond engagement ring is the perfect symbol of this love, connection, passion, and emotion you share and you want to wear your engagement ring with confidence.

So you don’t ever want to take your engagement ring off. You don’t ever want to…separate. Part ways. Spend too much time apart. Of course, you also want to ensure your ring remains sparkling. Just like you work to keep your love relationship strong. You have a deep desire for these bonds to never be broken. Figuratively and literally.

You want everyone and their precious jewelry involved to always be happy. Healthy. Whole. Just like your love for one another. So there’s certain times and particular activities that call for you to remove your diamond engagement ring. After all, it’s just what’s best. For everyone involved. Including your trusted jeweler.

To that end, we present some helpful tips involving those sensitive times. Oh, and a few other very important items. When you do remove your ring, just make sure you always store your valuable jewelry somewhere safe and easy-to-remember and reach. After all, the last thing you want to do when your wear your engagement ring is lose it. And if you have a hard time getting a ring off in the first place? We have some helpful and “handy” tips to easily and safely remove a stuck ring.

Working Out

It’s no secret that exercise offers an array of physical, mental, and emotional benefits for everyone. Many people have learned to make a daily workout a key part of their lifestyle. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way (or time) to exercise. But no matter the what, when, or where of your workout, one fact remains as rock solid as six-pack abs:

Working out is one of the easiest and time-honored ways to damage your diamond engagement ring.

And this is especially true when weights–both free weights and machines–are involved. If you opt to wear your engagement ring during your weight-bearing workout, just remember that a good bulk of that weight is transferred into your hands. If that hand is also wearing a ring? Well, the pressure can bend or even misshape the ring’s band. In turn, a bent band can cause prongs to separate, thereby loosening stones. You don’t want your precious, priceless ring falling apart…while you’re busy building your body up.

So, it’s best to take your ring off and leave it somewhere safe and secure before you leave for the gym. You don’t need to be worrying about something like a health club locker. Or possibly forgetting about or otherwise losing your diamond engagement ring. If you work out at home, just be sure to take it off before you really get after it (and leave it somewhere safe you’ll always remember to recover it from).

A quick side note here: this same principle applies to carrying heavy objects in any capacity. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated weight workout that does deep damage to your precious diamond engagement ring.


We all know the saying. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen! And the fact is, no matter how durable your diamond engagement ring may be, it’s simply not meant to endure that kind of boiling. It’s not a lobster (or an oyster/pearl)!

While the act of cooking doesn’t necessarily damage your ring, it likely will create dirt and residue buildup. This silt and sediment can even get inside the prongs and under your precious gemstones. The overall effect? A grimier, duller ring. And that’s not a recipe anyone wants to share with family, friends, or loved ones.

Speaking of recipes and sharing food, it’s important to keep in mind that slippery and messy cooking ingredients like oils, butter, eggs, and grease are almost always involved. What if your ring was to suddenly slip off while you’re focused on the task “at hand”—and slide down your drain or, even worse, into the gnashing, gnarly teeth of a running garbage disposal. NOT GOOD!

Oh, and then there’s the matter of cooking utensils and instruments, especially something like a razor-sharp Chef’s knife. All that slicing and dicing–along with mashing and smashing and stirring–involve a level of power and force that can easily dislodge or chip your precious diamond. Or any other part of your engagement ring.


While nobody is likely to put cleaning anywhere near the top of their list of favorite activities, there’s no doubt it can be energetic. Therapeutic. And maybe even considered, well…cleansing. But before you lose yourself in the Cleaning Zone around your house, car, office, or other space, make sure to not wear your engagement ring and wedding band.

Why? Well, for starters, many household cleaning products include chemicals that are harmful to gold. Eventually, these powerful chemical components will make gold engagement ring bands–or any gold jewelry you wear–while cleaning become more and more “porous.” And once gold becomes porous, it is likely to become brittle. And once it becomes brittle…well, then it can break or at least crack.

But it’s not just gold these common cleaning chemicals can have a serious adverse effect on. While natural diamonds in an engagement ring aren’t typically affected by these cleaning chemicals, alternative-gemstones and lab-grown diamonds can easily be damaged by something like bleach. Remember, it’s Beauty and the Beast…not Beauty and the Bleach. They just don’t go together. At all.

Beauty Routines

Speaking of beauty…it’s also wise to not wear your engagement ring when conducting any involved, in-depth beauty routines. Even if you’re doing so safe and secure in your own home. Whether you’re getting ready to face the day or “taking your face off” before going to bed at night, it’s best to remove your diamond engagement ring—and ideally, any and all jewelry.

Why? Well, much like those harmful chemicals and conditions in your kitchen, the same hidden challenges and invisible threats can lurk in your bathroom—or bedside vanity. In fact, beauty products are said to be the primary culprit when it comes to making dirty jewelry or dulling its shine and sparkle. One “cheat code” you can apply here? Buy a ring dish—and place it somewhere safe, smart, and secure in your bathroom or vanity. That way, you’ll have a reliable go-to place to store your diamond engagement ring or other jewelry pieces while you’re conducting your daily beauty routines.


At some point, every daytime beauty must transition into…sleeping beauty. After your full day of working out, cooking, cleaning, and attending to personal care matters, you’re no doubt ready to hit the hay. Catch some Zzzzs. Shut it down. Crash. Maybe even…pass out. Whatever you call it, sleeping is absolutely vital to our overall health and functionality—both daily and long-term.

But while you need to get several hours of quality, deep sleep, your don’t need to wear your engagement ring as you drift off to dreamland. Especially if you move around a lot in your sleep. Many of us experience at least some degree of tossing and turning in bed. If you’re doing this with your ring on, it can easily catch or snag on your bedsheet. And such a “catch”, in “turn”, can cause the prongs on your ring to loosen. While waking up as a kid to find some coin or other valuables under your pillow courtesy of the Tooth Fairy was magical, waking up as a married adult (with or without kids) to discover a loose diamond or other precious gemstone tangled in your hair is anything other than awesome.

That’s not the only potential nightmare that awaits you if you choose to wear your engagement ring while sleeping. The simple act of placing body weight on your hands (much like we “touched on” in the exercise section above) will apply pressure on your ring, potentially risking accent stone loss and eventually causing it to lose its intended and beloved shape. If your diamond engagement ring features large center stones or stones with edges, it can also scratch or even cut you or your partner at night. Love doesn’t have to hurt…like that.

A helpful tip here is one we’ve mentioned in several scenarios. Namely, find one safe spot in your home to comfortably store and protect your diamond engagement ring after you remove it. And designate this as the one-and-only place you ever store your ring when you remove it—under any and all circumstances and scenarios. Follow this tip long enough, and like anything in life, it will eventually become routine. You know, like a great workout. Muscle memory can extend to your ring finger, too.

Something to ALWAYS Keep On: Zillion Jewelry Insurance

While we maintain that you should follow these helpful tips in these certain circumstances outlined above–and any other time you get your hands dirty or sweaty, such as gardening or moving–there is something jewelry-related we absolutely encourage you to always wear…your engagement ring insurance policy from Zillion.

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You’ll also enjoy the considerable and invaluable advantages of what we at Zillion like to call concierge claims service. That includes lightning-fast response times from our dedicated, experienced, and caring claim team. This way, any needed repair or replacement regarding your diamond engagement ring can get underway nearly right away—in as little as 24 hours after you submit your claim. With Zillion, the claims process is as pain- and worry-free as can be. It’s also always available, anytime, anyplace. That’s because the process is initiated through an easy-to-use online claims portal.

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