A Closer Look at Pearls – and 3 Helpful Tips to Protect Your Pearl Jewelry

Here at Zillion, we’ve always been open about our affection for diamonds. And gold. And, naturally, jewelry insurance.

Now, we have a confession to make.

We’re also quite fond of pearls. And helping you provide the best possible care for them—including a smart, comprehensive, and affordable jewelry insurance policy. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about clutching your precious pearls too tightly.

Maybe you’re a fan of pearls, too. After all, these once-staid, sort of-stuffy sea-born jewelry pieces do seem to be making quite the comeback in these interesting times. They certainly got a lot of love, attention, and affection when quirky, burly Braves slugger Joc “Joctober” Pederson rocked a pearl necklace while helping Atlanta capture the 2021 World Series Title.

No less an authority than Coco Chanel once insisted “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”—while Jackie Kennedy proudly proclaimed “pears are always appropriate.” All these years later, more creative approaches like pairing pearls with gold or blending pearls with gemstones seem to be taking root with modern jewelry lovers.

Whether you’ve long been a lover of pearls or you’re just now falling for their calming, cool look, feel, and aura, we’ve got a few helpful tips to provide superior protection and care for them.

Oh, and above all…no matter what you do, just please don’t clutch them too tightly. That’s never a great look.

Use a Soft Touch

Remember, pearls are the only gemstone that are created within a living organism. Pearls form inside marine oysters and freshwater mussels and contain small amounts of water. Unlike earth-borne diamonds and other precious gemstones, they’re also presented and worn in their natural state. This is obviously in strong contrast to diamonds and their many cuts. Due to their organic nature, pearls can also be quite large.

Storing your pearls in an airtight environment will cause them to dry out and become brittle. Obviously, a Ziplock bag is a poor option here. Not just because of the airtight nature, either. Plastic can emit a chemical that may cause the surface of pearls to decay. You also don’t want to just lock them away “cold” in a sealed safety deposit box. What will work well is to keep your pearls safe, snug, and “fresh” in a soft-lined jewelry box. You might even want to enclose them in a soft-cloth pouch first.

Keep It Clean

Pearls have long been viewed as symbols and harbingers of many positive qualities and moods. Calm. Wisdom. Protection. Fortune (which has made them a popular and timeless jewelry choice for brides and wedding parties). Purity. Cleanliness.

But how can your pearls even begin to signify anything like purity or tranquility if they’re…dirty? Or greasy? Or oily? Or slippery? Easy answer. They can’t.

So take some time to lovingly, tenderly, and regularly wipe down your pearls. After each and every wear–if not more often–you should gently clean your jewelry with a soft cloth. Do not use a toothbrush, as pearls are too sensitive for this harsher treatment. Remember, even if you take care to keep your pearl necklace or other pearl-laden jewelry clean before you wear it, natural body oils, sweat, and assorted environmental pollutants can still stain and cloud their sensitive surface.

When it comes time to don your pearl jewelry again, you should make sure they’re completely dry first—if they’re wet or damp, the strands that hold the pearls together could become stretched, deformed, or weakened. Of course, you should take the same care when it comes to cleaning diamond jewelry and polishing gold jewelry pieces.

Inspect and Insure

OK, technically, these are two separate steps. But they’re actually very closely entwined. Just like those beautiful pearls on your beloved necklace or bracelet.

One of the most vital steps you can take to provide a strong sense of security and longevity around your pearl jewelry is to take your treasured piece or pieces to a trusted and respected local jeweler for an annual inspection. Of course, a yearly jewelry inspection is a good move for any and all jewelry pieces—especially if they’re invaluable heirloom, inherited, or vintage pieces.

When you visit a jeweler for an annual jewelry inspection, you put your jewelry in the capable and skilled hands of a jewelry professional. This is someone who can check the integrity, durability, and overall condition of your prized piece or pieces. If you want to go to the next level, you can also get an insightful estimate of its current value or worth with a jewelry appraisal.

Of course, it’s always best if you provide the ultimate layer of protection for your jewelry—an affordable, easy-to-purchase, comprehensive jewelry insurance policy from Zillion. If you’re planning on travel during the hectic Holiday season, you’ll really want to insure your pearls or other jewelry pieces before you hit the road or the skies.

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