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Personal Jewelry Insurance

We live in a modern world of instant & easy everything - just pull out your phone and groceries show up at your door in less than an hour.  So why is it that buying jewelry insurance is still a cumbersome process with online and paper forms to fill out?  

Zillion is changing that by revolutionizing the way insurance is obtained and managed.  Through our patent pending technology we're “making it super easy to insure the things you love”.

Join us as an Exclusive Partner in our quest to deliver the best insurance experience in the jewelry industry.

Immediate Protection Included with Your Customer's Jewelry Purchase

Differentiate with Zillion's Temporary Insurance Binder

Your customers have invested a significant amount of time and money into their jewelry purchases.  And they trust you to guide them on how best to care for and protect that investment for years to come.  As an Exclusive Partner of Zillion, your customer will be provided with immediate protection, so they can leave your store with the confidence knowing they are covered should loss, theft or damage occur

Your Customers Receive Better Rates

Membership Has Its Benefits

When you join Zillion as an Exclusive Partner, you enable your customers to benefit from the lowest rates in the industry.  At Zillion, we insure jewelry purchased via our partner network. This enables us to better control our risk and costs, which in return results in lower rates for your customers.  All with a $0 deductible!

Instant and Easy Activation

In-Store and Online Activation in 1-click... it's that Easy

Every interaction your customer has paints a story of their experience with you.  Customer expectations continue to change with a desire for transparency of information, immediacy, and ease.  By partnering with Zillion, you can be assured that your customers will benefit from the easiest and most transparent jewelry insurance experience in the industry.

Patent Pending

Free Jewelry Appraisal Software

Create Professional Jewelry Appraisals in < 1 Minute

With Zillion’s CustomerCenter (patent pending), you can create professional jewelry appraisals for your customers in an instant, by quickly entering data, or by leveraging the integration with your Point of Sale system.  We give you complete control over your jewelry appraisal to ensure it represents the brand and image you worked so hard to create.  Easily manage jewelry appraisals across all of your customers and stores.

A Better Claims Process for Your Customers

We Make it Transparent & Easy

When a claim occurs we know it can be an emotional time for our mutual customer.  Our goal is to work with you to provide an experience that reminds them why they put their trust in us.  We provide an easy, transparent, and collaborative experience by leveraging jewelry and order data.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of your customers.

Learn About Zillion's Exclusive Partner Program

We can help you differentiate and add value for your customer

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