Help! I Lost My Diamond Engagement Ring!

We’re here to make the claims process stress-free if you lose your engagement ring

Oh no!

Not here. Not now.


Here at Zillion, we don’t believe in putting negative energy out into the world. In fact, we pride ourselves on being positive—including always remaining positively certain we can help you wear your diamond engagement ring with confidence.

We’re also realists, however. And we’re also in the business of providing jewelry insurance you can always count on. So realistically speaking, we end up hearing from more than a handful of customers muttering a mouthful like the ominous, short, not-so-sweet comments that open this post.

Why is this happening to me?

What do I do now?

These are the sort of dreaded, dreadful questions someone asks when their prized diamond engagement ring (or other treasured fine jewelry piece) goes missing. Again, we don’t even want to think about the idea of such a pricey, precious, beautiful, meaningful possession ending up lost (or even damaged, for that matter). But it does happen. Especially with something as small as a ring.

People lose diamond engagement and wedding rings every day.

Take a Deep Breath. Let Us Handle It…

If you end up being one of these people, saying some of these things, and asking some of these same questions, we want you to pause. Take a deep breath. And just…don’t worry. Seriously. Just don’t. We’ve got this. And we’ve got several reasons for you to believe in and trust us on this one.

You see, it pays to purchase a jewelry insurance policy through Zillion. This is especially true if you lose your treasured, pricey, and precious diamond engagement ring. Our comprehensive, collective approach to success is infused in each and every touchpoint you have with Zillion. But where it really comes to life is when a valued customer contacts us after losing (or damaging) a valuable, valued piece of fine jewelry. Especially when they lose their treasured diamond engagement ring.

We’re here to make the claims process stress-free if you lose your engagement ring. You might call it our…claim to fame. Though around here, we like to call it a concierge claims process. It’s an easy-to-initiate, fast-moving, easier-to-understand claims process that has been carefully designed and painstakingly perfected to defy prevailing negative stereotypes and exceed any and all expectations. The entire team of jewelry insurance professionals here at Zillion are always ready, willing, and eager to help you experience a claims process that’s as fast, easy, and stress-free as possible.

The Concierge Claims Difference

You see, there truly is a concierge claims difference. And we make sure that you experience this difference right away—and at every step of the way.

We take care of the lost ring’s replacement for you, working closely with your chosen jeweler to make sure things move as successfully and quickly as possible. Of course, we always keep you in the loop, at each and every step of the claims and replacement process. As our valued customer, you’ll never be asked to prove ownership of your diamond engagement ring or other valued jewelry piece. You’ll never be required to verify its value. With Zillion, you won’t be asked to negotiate a cash settlement, nor will you ever even have to pay a deductible.

You simply can’t go wrong when you pair quality with efficiency. The lightning-fast response times from the dedicated and experienced members of the Zillion claims team means your jewelry replacement gets underway almost right away—in as little as 24 hours after your claim has been submitted via our fast and easy online claims form.

(For further proof of the power of our process, we encourage you to read some of the positive online Zillion reviews we list at the bottom of this post.)

What if I DON’T Have Jewelry Insurance?

Many people believe that their renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy is enough to protect against the potential loss of their engagement ring. While we’re not here to tell you what to do, we definitely want to make you aware of the perils (including “listed” perils) and risks of this less-than-certain-yet-certainly-problematic approach.

If you opt to go the route of using your renter’s or homeowners insurance policy to cover your valued jewelry, keep in mind that most policies only cover jewelry up to a certain monetary value. That value is often only up to around $1,500. Often, these policies only cover jewelry under specific, certain circumstances. And loss is typically not one of these “listed perils” in the policy.

On, and the claims process? That can be difficult, too. Sometimes extremely difficult. At a large all-encompassing insurance agency, you certainly won’t benefit from anything close to concierge claims service! At Zillion, we’re here to make the claims process stress-free if you lose your engagement ring

We recommend you take a closer look at 5 myths regarding renters/homeowners insurance and how it relates to your jewelry or read another previous blog where we cover this sensitive subject. Then, whenever you’re ready, visit our home page to get your very own quick custom quote to insure your valued jewelry.

People Are Talking…

Remember how we mentioned up front that we pride ourselves on staying positive at all times? Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the many positive online Zillion reviews when you get a moment. And see what others are saying about the Zillion concierge claims difference. Positive, encouraging, kind things like…

Customer – 5 Stars

Julia was great to work with. My Fiancé had accidental damage to her engagement ring. Julia was responsive to get this claim processed with our wedding a few weeks away.

Ed Donley – 5 Stars

I must say that I had a claim on my watch. I was very surprised how fast Adam’s response was to my claim. My claim was handled fast and professional. This was a great experience and I would highly recommend Zillion Insurance!

Tanya R. – 5 Stars
From start to finish, working with Julia at Zillion was a pleasure! She helped me during an unfortunate time, losing my engagement ring while at work! Understanding how devastating this was, Julia was immediately available for all my needs. She worked closely with the jeweler to create the most perfect replacement. Thank you so much for all of your help! Good customer care makes a difference, excellent customer care goes a long way.

Brandon Mcdonough – 5 Stars
Julia helped me with my claim and I could not be happier with her professionalism and quick responses. She emailed me to check in and let me know every step of the process which put me at ease. I would highly recommend zillion!


Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelry insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance. If you purchased from a Preferred Jewelers International retailer please email us at and let us know the name of the retailer. Thank you.