Keep Your Valuables and Jewelry Safe in Your Home

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Your home. It’s your personal sanctuary. Your safe haven. Your fortress of solitude. Maybe even your castle.

It’s where the heart is. It’s sweet. It’s the subject of countless songs, films, fables, and tales.

Home is where you feel most safe. Free. Empowered. But what about your valued jewelry? Just how secure is your diamond engagement ring, heirloom pendant, or other treasured fine piece or pieces of jewelry in your home?  

Here at Zillion, we care about the wellbeing and safety of you and your family. We’re also invested in the security of your fine jewelry pieces. After all, helping you protect your invaluable jewelry is what we take great pride – and care – in doing.

In addition to providing fast, easy, embedded jewelry insurance at the point of purchase, we proudly provide reliable and credible information and updates regarding jewelry and insurance. You can learn a lot from digging into our extensive Zillion blog library. You can also read Zillion online reviews from real jewelry customers like you.

Jewelry: It Matters, Too

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked. You wouldn’t leave a firearm lying around the house. Nor would you forget where you put your passport or other important papers. But are you taking such good care of your valuable and valued jewelry at home, too? Or maybe you feel the need to lock it away in a safety deposit box at your bank.

If you do decide to store and protect your jewelry in your home, we’re here to help. To that end, here are some helpful tips and tricks for keeping your valued jewelry and other valuables safe and secure at home. This way, you can easily and confidently access, wear, and enjoy it — whenever you choose.

Theft Happens

Chances are, you may have a bit of a blasé attitude about this whole topic. After all, you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself — and your home. Whether it’s a security system, guard dog, fortified moat (well, maybe not that extensive), or any other method, you’re determined not to let a break-in or robbery occur.

At the end of the day, not everything is within our control. The fact of the matter is, theft happens. Each and every day. Even the rich and famous experience home jewelry theft. Maybe even especially them, but nobody is immune from the very real possibility of home break-ins and jewelry theft. And that’s not even beginning to get into some of the big-time diamond and jewel heists across history.

Safety First. And Second. And Third…

There are a few things you can do to help secure your valued jewelry at home. In fact, we once wrote an in-depth blog post on how to keep your jewelry safe at home. That was during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was pretty much staying at home all the time. Thankfully, we’ve resumed more of a mobile and worry-free lifestyle since that challenging time. Of course, this also means that you might be home a lot less than you were a few years ago—including heading out on a much-needed, well-earned vacation. So we’ll keep this a bit more high-level this time around. If we could distill the best advice on keeping your jewelry safe at home down to three suggestions, they would be:

Play it Cool: Wherever you decide to store or stash your jewelry, you should keep one primary rule in mind at all times: don’t ever expose it to extreme temperatures and humidity. Frigid dank cellars are out. So are hot musty attics. Or any spot that sees some serious sunlight. The rule of thumb (or engagement ring finger) here is to store your jewelry at room temperature, safely out of the way of direct sunlight. Doing so will help prevent premature weathering, tarnishing, and discoloring.

Give Diamonds VIP Treatment: Tip number two involves diamond engagement rings, diamond pendants, or any other jewelry piece featuring diamonds or precious gemstones. Diamonds are special. So they deserve their own special storage space. Boasting a “10” ranking on the Mohs Hardness Scale, diamonds rank as the hardest of all gemstones. This also means they can scratch and cut any other material that ranks below them on that scale. Want an extra layer of security? Place your diamond jewelry in its very own Ziploc bag—then store it away safely, all by its lonesome.

Stay Safe (Literally): Finally, a word on storage spaces. When you get right down to it, few things can ever be or stay as safe as a…safe. A locked safe has always been the go-to choice to safely secure jewelry, money, and other valuable items. For an even better option, try a small safe that can be strategically placed or hidden in creative and hard-to-locate spots in your house or apartment. Just don’t put it anywhere with an extreme (or extremely humid) climate. Check out companies like Maximum Security Safes.

Concierge Claims to the Rescue

Let’s just say you follow all of these tips to keep your jewelry safe…and your jewelry still gets stolen from your home. Now what do you do? Well, if your jewelry is insured with Zillion, you simply calm down, take a few deep breaths, go online, and provide a little important information. Then you sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting.

Here at Zillion, we offer a truly powerful, invaluable, and distinct differentiator. We like to call it “concierge claim service”. What that means is we always go the extra mile for you — and ensure that your own responsibilities are as minimal as possible.

Concierge claim service is our opportunity to meet and exceed any and all expectations you may have about jewelry insurance. After all, you put your trust in us. And we’re here to repay it. That means easy online claims — wherever you may be, including the privacy of your own home. It also means real and rapid replacement of your jewelry (for as much as you can truly “replace” a piece you love). Our claim team’s attentive and prompt responses ensure that your jewelry replacement gets underway right away — in as little as 24 hours after you file your claim online.  

Of course, we’ll also keep you aware of any new developments. And as our valued customer, you won’t ever be asked to prove or provide ownership of your jewelry item. You won’t have to verify its value or negotiate a cash settlement. We don’t even require you to pay a deductible.

The Alternative to Zillion Insurance?

Perhaps you’re still not convinced. You want to see how things work out right now, just the way they are, without jewelry insurance from Zillion.

But is theft of your valued jewelry still covered by something like your homeowners or renters insurance? The answer is a little bit of yes…and a little bit of no. If someone breaks into your home and steals your jewelry, the “riders” provided for jewelry on your renters/homeowners policy typically are not enough to cover the full value of your items. These riders only cover up to $1,500 for jewelry theft. So that’s all you’ll get, no matter what your prized piece is actually valued at (or what it means to you). And that’s if your claim is accepted in the first place.

Your renter’s/homeowners insurance rider will also only protect your jewelry in the event of specific “listed perils” covered in the policy. If your insurance company wants to deny your stolen jewelry claim, they can often cite a “mysterious disappearance” clause that allows them this harsh avenue. So if your diamond engagement ring or other valuable jewelry piece “disappeared” under “mysterious” circumstances, they’re not responsible for replacing it.

Check out our comprehensive guide on what homeowners insurance will and won’t cover in terms of jewelry, and why it’s so important to have a dedicated jewelry insurance policy to cover your engagement rings and other valuable pieces of jewelry. And nobody is more dedicated in the jewelry space than Zillion. 

Be Safe at Home with Zillion

Why take any chances when it comes to staying safe at home? A jewelry insurance policy is what you really need to secure proper protection and peace-of-mind for your prized jewelry. Visit our homepage today to get your fast, free quote. You can also read online reviews of Zillion here.


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