Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling Like New

When you stop to think about it, your diamond engagement ring is a lot like the love you share with your soon-to-be-married partner.

They’re both precious. Each can easily capture your heart and eye. They can be equally hard to find — and protect.

And if you don’t work to keep the freshness and shine and sparkle alive….well, both just might start to dull and fade a bit.  

Of course, nobody wants this scenario to play out. And while we can’t tell you how to best secure the sheen on your love life (though we can offer a few tips here and there), as jewelry insurance experts and diamond aficionados, we can provide some pointers on how to keep that brilliant symbol of it sparkling and dazzling.

That Tender Touch

Here’s another way your love relationship is a lot like your diamond engagement ring — it’s best to utilize a careful and tender touch. Even a moderate amount of dirt, grime or otherwise unpleasant sediment and “film” can have a severe effect on the sheen and shine of that precious stone in your precious ring. And over time, things like hand lotions, powders, soap, hairspray and more can really build up on and dull your diamond’s glitter and glimmer. Of course, there’s much you can do to clean your diamond ring — both home and at your jeweler. But there’s also a lot to be said for preventative medicine, so to speak. To put it bluntly: don’t touch it. Or at least, try to minimize the actual contact between your fingers and the diamond portion of your ring. When taking your ring on and off, get into the practice of grabbing either the metal portion that encircles your finger (aka the ring’s shank) or the band of the ring itself. You’ll be surprised how much this sort of tender touch can keep your diamond shining bright.

Weekly (or so) Soak

Maybe you and your loved one are into the shared intimacy of a couples bubble bath. Even if you’re not, you can help your beloved diamond engagement ring stay vibrant and clean by soaking it in a gentle degreasing solution – such as water infused with a few drops of mild dish soap – once a week or so. Just be careful to do this in a spot where your significant other won’t confuse it with a dirty dish and pour the symbol of your love down the sink! After you remove your ring from its cleansing soak (a half hour or so should do it), you can also use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any dirt, grease or other sediment that might still be clinging onto the diamond. While you’re gently scrubbing, give a little extra tender touch to the back of your diamond. Then, let it air dry. VOILA! Just like new! 

Turn to the Pros

If you’ve had your diamond ring for a little while now, or maybe you’re just noticing that a home cleaning session isn’t entirely restoring it to its former glory, you can always take the next logical step and…turn to the pros. If the jeweler you bought your ring from is now open (and complying with COVID-19 safety protocols), take a trip there to take advantage of some next-level diamond cleaning and polishing. Several jewelers provide professional cleaning services for diamonds you bought from them — possibly including specialized steam cleaners. They may also offer a complimentary maintenance check on your prized ring — and perform any repairs or adjustments if needed.

One Size Fits…YOU

Another interesting piece of advice here involves what not to do to help ensure your diamond ring keeps looking fresh and new. In this case, it’s best to avoid “resizing” your ring — or limiting such a change to more than once in a lifetime (both yours and your ring’s). The temptation to resize a ring is quite strong for many women during and/or soon after a pregnancy, but letting nature run its course is really the way to go here. Why? Because after just one resizing, additional adjustments can damage your ring’s band — and potentially force a re-setting of your shiny stone. Speaking of letting nature do what it does naturally, have you ever read the fascinating story behind the natural formation of your diamond? If not, you should. It’s really something special. Much like your love.

Equally Brilliant: Jewelry Insurance

You know what else is brilliant? An insurance policy for your prized diamond engagement ring. It might seem like something extra or confusing to you, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what all of us are here at Zillion for (remember, it’s good to turn to the pros when needed).

At Zillion, we make the entire jewelry insurance process as simple and rewarding as possible for you — including the claims process, if you end up needing to file a claim. It’s easy to get started with us, too. Visit our homepage to get your fast, free quote now!


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