Holiday Travel Plans? Purchase Jewelry Insurance First!

Travel with confidence during the Holidays

Family gatherings. Recipe sharing. Gift exchanges. Ugly sweater parties.
Holiday travel.


Oh, yes. It’s that time of the year again. The time that some even call…the most wonderful time of the year.

If any of the Holiday traditions listed above don’t have you jumping for joy or feeling anything close to wonderful, we get it. We’re pretty sure everyone does. Especially when it comes to the travel part of the whole Holiday package.

Don’t worry. We’re here to lend a sympathetic ear and a helping hand. That’s what we do here at Zillion. It also ties back to the underlying passion that drives all of us here at Zillion, no matter what season or day of the year—jewelry insurance is crucial.

Sound a bit…far-fetched? Well, it’s really…not. Let us explain…

Each year, certain trends, patterns, behaviors, and desires stand out related to Holiday travel. Travel – particularly plane and auto travel – has certainly bounced back to normal since the pandemic. In fact, USA Today reports that if you haven’t already booked your travel for the Holidays, it may be better to skip it altogether. Opportunities are selling out quickly, and whatever’s left is certain to be expensive.

According to PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) annual Holiday Outlook report, consumers would rather spend money “on things like travel and entertainment,” and are spending quite a bit more than they did in 2022. But with travel costs rising, 60% of travelers will remain stateside – visiting family and friends closer to home during the Holidays.

Jewelry Travel Tips: For the Holidays…and Beyond

Are you the kind of person who tends to bring your jewelry along with you when traveling? If you do opt to travel with your valuable diamond engagement ring or other valued jewelry piece or pieces, there’s always some smart “trip tips” you can apply before you hit the road (or fly the friendly skies).

These steps include low-effort/low-cost jewelry protection options like buying a jewelry organizer (or morphing a pill case into one); organizing your earrings with buttons; storing your rings and/or earrings in plastic sandwich bags; and more. They also include “smart jewelry travel decisions” like packing jewelry in your carry-on bag (especially if you change flights during your travels); traveling with a designated jewelry bag at all times; never wearing your rings anywhere near the beach or ocean; and more. 

There’s a lot that can go awry or amiss when you travel. Even the most road-hardened of us aren’t exactly at our best when things like early-hour departure times, jet lag, road fatigue, or traffic jams rear their ugly heads. Why take on added risks when it comes to your treasured jewelry? 

An Extra Layer of Protection: Jewelry Insurance from Zillion 

There’s something else you should do before you embark upon your Holiday travel adventure. Something that will really help protect your jewelry out there, wherever you may find yourself: Jewelry insurance from Zillion.

When you decide to purchase a comprehensive Zillion jewelry insurance policy with just one click, you’ll immediately have more to celebrate. Don’t forget, a brand new jewelry piece (paired with an affordable policy with Zillion) makes for a wonderful Christmas present. You can get your fast, free jewelry insurance quote right now—or anytime you choose.

Zillion is here to help you wear it with confidence—whenever and wherever. So travel safely and peacefully, everyone. And Happy Holidays! 


Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelry insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance. If you purchased from a Preferred Jewelers International retailer please email us at and let us know the name of the retailer. Thank you.