5 Winter Jewelry Care Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Great

winter jewelry care tips

While winter doesn’t officially begin until mid-December, cold weather is in full swing in many parts of the country. In all of the commotion of the holidays, you might not be thinking about caring for your jewelry. After all, what’s so different about caring for accessories when the temperature drops? A lot, actually!

From finger shrinkage to sweater snags and more, there are many things that can happen to your jewelry during the wintertime. But never fear—we’ve got 5 winter jewelry care tips to help keep your accessories shiny, safe, and looking great. 

Ensure A Proper Ring Fit

Anyone who’s ever worn a ring will tell you that sometimes their rings fit snugly while other times, it feels like they might fall off at any moment. Some people think that it’s just their imagination, but we assure you, it isn’t! While fluctuations in finger size can be caused by weight loss or gain, arthritis, pregnancy, or water retention, the weather is also a large factor in how your rings fit. 

Our bodies react to temperature changes: when it’s cold outside, the body works to keep warm by constricting your blood vessels and reducing blood flow to the skin. When it’s cold, your skin loses heat and your body restricts this blood flow (particularly to your extremities) to conserve warmth. This is why your rings might feel loose in the wintertime and more snug during warmer months

Now, here’s where things get complicated: people often size their rings to fit their fingers in the summertime, so when cold weather hits, the rings become loose and risk slipping off. Semi-annual ring resizing isn’t practical, so a good solution to this problem is to buy a ring guard to hold your ring in place when the weather is colder. 

Take Care When Layering

If you live somewhere snowy, you’re no stranger to the art of layering. You’ve probably gotten quite good at choosing your base layer, your warming layer, and your outerwear layer. If you live somewhere really cold, you’ll probably throw a scarf, hat, and gloves into the mix. All of these layers are great for keeping warm but can spell disaster for jewelry. The more layers you add, the higher the risk of snagging your rings on a sweater or on the inside of knitted gloves. If your ring snags and you don’t notice it, it could slip off and become lost. It’s also possible to actually damage your ring by getting it caught on clothing! To prevent this from happening, dress carefully and pay close attention to your jewelry before, during, and after getting dressed.

Remove Jewelry Before Winter Sports/Hobbies

Winter is a great time to embark on adventures you can’t have any other time of the year. There’s skiing, ice skating, snowball fights, ice fishing, ice hockey, and many other activities that can lead to damaged or lost jewelry. Before heading out for some chilly fun, take off your jewelry and store it in a safe place. And remember to remove your rings before preparing and cooking any holiday dinners. You don’t want your engagement ring to become the unintentional centerpiece in that pumpkin pie! 

Clean Your Jewelry Regularly

It’s a good idea to have your jewelry professionally cleaned about 1-2 times a year. But did you know that you can easily clean your jewelry at home? We recommend regularly cleaning your jewelry to keep it looking gorgeous—especially during the winter months. Cold, dry weather leads to more frequent hand lotioning. Over time, this lotion can build up in the crevices and details of your rings and this build-up can make gems and jewels look dull. Treat your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to regular cleanings to keep them looking their best

Get Jewelry Insurance

Of course, even taking all of the precautions mentioned above, things still happen. Life can come at us in unpredictable ways, and sometimes those ways result in lost, damaged, or stolen jewelry. The best defense against this is to purchase jewelry insurance for your accessories. The best jewelry insurance policy will protect your treasures against theft, loss, accidental damage, and natural disasters. At Zillion, we offer comprehensive engagement ring insurance policies as well as jewelry insurance policies for your other accessories that protect against all of these things.

Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelery insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance.