How to Safely Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

Tips and tricks for how to safely clean your diamond ring at home.

Diamonds: Rhianna wants you to shine bright like one. Paul Simon met a girl with ‘em on the soles of her shoes. Lucy’s in the sky with them. And of course, Marilyn Monroe informed us that they’re a girl’s best friend.

The point is, everyone loves a fresh, new sparkly diamond—especially when it’s attached to an engagement ring. We love to hold them up to just about any light source we can find: sunlight, moonlight, camera light, fluorescent light—you name it; a newly engaged person has probably utilized it to make their bling sparkle.

Unfortunately, diamonds don’t stay that lovely and awe-inspiring forever—they have to be cleaned regularly to maintain their shine. Even when well-cared for, a once-bright diamond can quickly lose its luster to things like dirt, dust, grime, and product build-up from lotions, perfumes, hair products, and more. Most jewelers will perform a complimentary cleaning when you purchase your ring, and most engagement ring warranties cover (and sometimes require) semi-annual or annual cleanings… but what about those moments when you need a quick spit-shine*? Never to fear: we’ve got some tips on how to safely clean your diamond ring at home.

(*No spit is actually required. Please do not spit on your rings. Ew.)

What You Need to Safely Clean a Diamond Ring

As we mentioned before, please don’t spit on your ring—it’s gross and ineffective. With just a few supplies you probably have around your home, you can get your engagement ring shining like new in no time. Here are a few things you need to safely clean your diamond ring at home:

– Bowl

– Warm water

– Dishwashing soap (nothin’ fancy, plain ole’ dishwashing soap will do)

– Soft toothbrush

– Soft cloth

How to Safely Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

To safely clean your diamond ring at home, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Fill the bowl with warm (almost hot) water.

Step 2: Add dishwashing soap.

Step 3: Submerge your diamond ring in the soapy water and let soak for 20–45 minutes, depending how dirty your ring is. We suggest either putting a sticky note on the bowl or placing it in a spot where it’s unlikely to be disturbed: You don’t want a well-meaning family member dumping your soapy water—and your ring—down the drain!

Step 4: After soaking, gently brush your diamond with the soft toothbrush.

Step 5: Rinse your ring under warm running water.

(Repeat steps 1–5 if needed.)

Step 6: Pat—don’t rub—your ring dry with a soft cloth.

Voilà! Put that diamond ring back on so you can “ooooo” and “ahhhh” at it to your heart’s content.

Items to Avoid When Cleaning Jewelry at Home

It might be tempting to grab whatever you can find to clean your diamond engagement ring, but to do so would be folly. There are many common household items that can damage your rings and gems by scratching them or even jarring them loose! Here are some things you should NOT use when cleaning a diamond ring at home:

– Paper towels: They can scratch the metal on your ring.

– Any kind of hard brush. It’s important to choose soft brushes to avoid scratching and damage.

– Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. These are marketed as a way to clean your rings at home, but we advise against them—they work using vibrations that can actually loosen your diamonds and dislodge them over time.

– Cleaners or chemicals. Never, EVER use household cleaners to clean your diamond jewelry. Plain dishwashing soap (think the kind they use to clean up wildlife after an oil spill) are the only cleaning product you should use to clean your ring.

The bottom line is that it’s actually very simple to clean your diamond ring at home. If you simply can’t wait until the regularly scheduled cleaning with your jeweler, following our steps will ensure your diamond looks its best all the time. And while you take care of how your engagement ring looks, we’ll take care of protecting it—get a free quote today to see how Zillion engagement ring insurance policies help cover your bling from theft, loss, damage; even natural disasters. Our insurance policies will help you do much more than just wear your jewelry—they’ll help you wear it with confidence.

Now go forth and shine on, you crazy diamond.

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