‘Tis the Season for Thankful Hearts — and Marriage Proposals

Thanksgiving annually ranks as a popular date for marriage proposals

To some, especially those who work in any wedding-related capacity, it’s often been known as “engagement season.” That’s because traditionally (at least before the COVID-19 pandemic really set in), the roughly two-and-a-half months spanning the Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day holidays typically see close to 40 percent of all wedding engagements take place.

Thanksgiving. Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day. Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to see why each and every one of these days would also seem like the perfect day to ask the love of your life to join your hand in marriage — and to present your would-be bride or groom with a beautiful diamond engagement ring after “popping the question.”


Of course, COVID-19 has managed to change…just about everything. Including engagement and wedding behavior and trends. Some data in a recent WeddingWire story bears these shifts out quite well. In 2020, around half of all proposals in the U.S. were planned in less than a month. Just a year earlier, 41% of proposal plans were made between one and three months beforehand. The author surmises this shift was due largely to family Holiday gatherings being shelved, or at least limited, in late 2020. This led to a pivot to smaller, more intimate, even random (or close to it) locations, times, and moments to do the whole question-and-ring thing.

That same lack of Holiday gatherings in 2020 helped plant the seeds for what some have called a “wedding boom” all across 2021. In addition to the pre-planned 2021 weddings, many couples who delayed a 2020 celebration have made this year their year, too. It’s basically been two wedding seasons packed into one — and it’s all led to a shortage of wedding vendors and venues, often coupled with a surge in wedding costs. Not exactly the ideal combination for a young couple who just shelled out for a beautiful engagement ring.

The Holidays are BACK (Mostly)

But we digress. Let’s get back to Holiday engagement trends — especially around Thanksgiving. The 2021 Holidays are not the 2020 Holidays (and that’s surely a fantastic and wonderful thing). With the majority of Americans now fully vaccinated and used to traveling with restrictions like mask-wearing and social distancing, travel is expected to pick up quite a bit during the final days of 2021. A recent survey of more than 5,000 travelers published by vacation rental site Evolve went into greater detail here, and online travel booking heavyweight Priceline is projecting the busiest travel days for Thanksgiving as Monday, Nov. 15 and Wednesday, Nov. 24 (aka the day before Thanksgiving).

Give Thanks…and a Ring. Here’s How.

If you decide to use the Thanksgiving holiday to propose marriage to that special someone in your life, there are several creative, unforgettable ways to do so. If you’re participating in a Thanksgiving meal where the tradition is to have everyone at the table express what they’re thankful for in life, this is an ideal opportunity to express your love, appreciation, and gratitude for that special someone — and get down on one knee, present the engagement ring, and propose.

Another route could be to propose before the pressure-packed table setting — perhaps while you’re in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner. You’re already helping prepare a dinner together, so what better time to also prepare for a lifetime of lovely, loving moments to come? 

Of course, love and romance mean different things to different people. While watching a sporting event together is probably the furthest thing from “romantic” to many people, some super sports fans out there would be equally hard-pressed to find a better way to connect and celebrate with their partner. When it comes to the game of football, few days are more high-profile and well-covered than Thanksgiving. Whether you’re at a Thanksgiving Day game in person or watching it with family and loved ones around the TV, you could “call an audible” and ask your partner to “go deep” with you — especially if you’re watching a team you both love to cheer for. Bonus points if you avoid these corny clichés — or propose on the stadium Jumbotron. TOUCHDOWN!

Extra Protection. Extra Thankful.

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