You’re Staying Safe at Home. Is Your Jewelry?

Helpful & handy options to make sure your jewelry is every bit as safe and sound at home as you are.

As the days turned into weeks stretched into months during this rather interesting year called 2020, we’ve all done our very best to stay at home – and stay safe at home – as much as possible.

You may have had time to think about a lot. Possibly even do a good bit more — including clean your valuable jewelry. And maximize that Amazon Prime subscription by binge-watching addicting television and stocking up on hand sanitizer (be careful with that stuff when it comes to your ring).

But while you’re staying safe at home, what about that freshly cleaned, deeply adored jewelry of yours? Are you doing everything possible to ensure that it’s also being protected and cared for?

To that end, we present you with some helpful, handy options to make sure your jewelry is every bit as safe and sound at home as you are. Enjoy!

Top Tip: Keep it Cool

No matter where you decide to store, house or hide your valuable, valued jewelry, it’s vital to look out for its overall health. Remember one rule above all: avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperatures and humidity. That means that a drafty frigid cellar or a sweltering hot attic aren’t the best options. At all. Neither is a spot that takes a beating from the sun. You’re best off storing your jewelry at room temperature, out of the way of direct sunlight. That way, you’ll help prevent premature weathering, tarnishing and discoloring. Of course, there’s some nuance at play here (for example, opals require more moisture in the air to help prevent cracking), but this is a wise general rule of thumb. Or ring finger.

Diamonds Deserve Special (Solo) Treatment

Here’s another helpful, handy tip: Diamonds (and any other gemstones) are special. As such, they deserve their own special storage space. With a 10 ranking on the infamous Mohs Hardness Scale, diamonds are the hardest gemstone on the market. As such, they’re also capable of scratching and cutting any other material that ranks below them on that scale. Sapphires are a 9 on the Mohs scale, so you’re best off keeping them free and clear of less bold, more timid jewelry pieces. For extra safe measures, you can place your diamond or gemstone jewelry in a zip lock bag before storing it away on its own.

Silver + Silica Solution

Silver isn’t quite Gold. But it’s still quite special. Brilliant. Dazzling. When it comes to keeping your prized silver jewelry pieces from losing their luster or taking on any kind of decay, it’s key to do everything possible to keep it dry and away from moisture. You also want to follow a cue from those demanding diamonds, and keep the silver away from other easily damaged pieces (remember how the family heirloom silverware had its own special storage drawer?). One thing you can do to help out here is to loosely wrap your clean, silver jewelry, then store it in a drawer with a few of the silica packets that come with a new pair of sneakers or shoes. You can also use felt or cotton here to aid the care of your silver jewelry.

(Literally) Safe at Home

Now that we have some of the pace- and piece-specific pointers covered, let’s turn our attention to specific storage spaces, shall we? Few things say safe quite like a, well, safe (it’s right there in the word itself, see?). Sure, it may be clichéd, but there’s a reason a locked safe has always been the go-to option when it comes to storing jewelry, money and other valuable items. Even better? A small safe that can be strategically placed or hidden in creative and hard-to-locate spots in your house or apartment. Just remember to avoid placing it anywhere with an extreme (or extremely humid) climate. You can even purchase luxury jewelry safes online from companies like Maximum Security Safes.

Egg-Cellent Option

A ceramic egg tray can work wonderfully well as a ring storage unit. The egg-shaped divots are the ideal size for rings, and can also safely store necklaces and diamond bracelets. One thing to keep in mind, however: when storing fine jewelry, it’s always wise to make sure your storage container has a soft fabric lining. The last thing you want is for your metal or gemstones to get scratched by anything like metal or even ceramic. It’s also wise to make sure there’s enough space in between each piece of jewelry, so you can avoid any “clumping” together. Mixing eggs together can make a delicious omelet. But the eggs don’t live here anymore.

Box It Up

Markets, particularly vintage markets, can offer opportunities for many fun finds. If you can get your hands on a smaller size vintage box, you can also easily transform it into a wooden ring display holder. Just like we stated in the ceramic egg tray option above, make sure to lay down a soft fabric lining in your jewelry box. It’s also best to clean any storage box you decide to use thoroughly before placing your prized pieces inside it. Vacuum it out if possible, and do your best to remove any dirt, dust or odors. You don’t want your jewelry taking on those nasty qualities, do you?

An Added Layer of Safety: Zillion Jewelry Insurance

No matter what jewelry you own or where and how you decide to store it, you can add an extra layer of safety and security by purchasing a jewelry insurance policy from Zillion. At Zillion, we’re happy to help you protect your prized pieces — from engagement rings to diamond necklaces and anything and everything in between. Our low-cost, no-hassle insurance policies cover your jewelry in the event of loss, theft, damage, disappearance and even natural disasters. Our specialized jewelry insurance policies are also portable — so when you do decide to venture back out into the world, you can travel anywhere with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your jewelry is protected, wherever you go.

Visit our online home today to learn more — and get your free jewelry insurance quote!

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