True Stories of Lost & Found Engagement Rings

It’s one thing to lose love. We’ve all been there. But to lose love…before rediscovering it again? Well, that’s special. Rare, even. But it does happen. In fact, here at the Zillion blog, we’ve shared some amazing stories in this realm.

But what about losing and then rediscovering…engagement rings? As it just so happens, we’ve been able to discover some recent stories in this regard, also. Even more impressively, they all involve what you might call Modern Day Lords of the Ring — and several different elements that were overcome by these brave, selfless souls.

We’re glad to share them with you now. Enjoy!

SAND: The Georgia Treasure Hunter

It’s not some desolate island in the middle of the Caribbean. But Tybee Island, Georgia isn’t exactly a well-known hot spot, either. Home to just over 3,000 people, this barrier island 20 minutes from Savannah is known for its charming pier and still-functioning 18th-century lighthouse.

Tybee Island also recently made news for a heartwarming story involving a lost engagement ring and a local…treasure hunter. While packing up for the day, a woman named Katherine Keen realized she’d lost her engagement ring. Lifeguard Todd Horne was alerted, and a local beachcombing “treasure hunter” named Brian Harper was summoned to get to work on Keen’s behalf. Amazingly, Harper located the missing ring within moments of starting his “hunt” near the pier.

WATER: The English Free Diver

At just under 11 and-a-quarter miles in length, Lake Windermere ranks as the largest lake in all of England. Renowned for its natural beauty and inspiration to artists like Romantic poet William Wordsworth, the lake is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recently, Lake Windermere also made international news for a different sort of romantic angle.

Engaged couple Viki Patel and Rebecca Chaukria were having photographs taken around the lake when Chaukria’s diamond engagement ring slipped off her finger and into the dark, cold waters. Luckily, local free diver Angus Hosking heard about the couple’s plight from a friend, and rushed down to the lake after he finished his work shift. The energetic 21-year-old Hosking had been helping clear trash from the lake for the past several years, so he was quite familiar with the lay of the land — and sea.

Despite the freezing waters and what he called “absolutely terrible visibility,” it took less than half an hour for Hosking, armed with an underwater metal detector, to locate and retrieve the ring. Patel, who had scrapped five previous proposal plans due to local COVID-19 restrictions, was overjoyed with the results, and joked, “now she’s never taking it off.”

SNOW: Super Snow Man Sunday

Like Tybee Island, Georgia, Agawam, Massachusetts isn’t exactly a well-known U.S. locale. Also like Tybee Island, it was home to a remarkable ring retrieval story. Agawam sits on the western side of the Connecticut River, directly across from the more well-known town of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Our story here unfolded back in February, so there was quite a bit of snow falling in Agawam. In fact, it all happened on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 7, 2021, to be exact), when engaged couple Greg Strattner and Sarah Fitzgerald visited a friend’s house to watch the game. Sarah took her engagement ring off in the car to apply some hand lotion (and probably sanitizer), and apparently forgot to put it on. During that time, it appears that the ring fell off, out of the car, and into the nearby snow drift.

It might have been simple enough to retrieve the ring under normal circumstances. But during the time between their arrival and Sarah’s realization her ring was missing, the driveway where their car was parked had been shoveled. Extensively. The couple and their friends searched for the ring in the snow stacks for hours, even using a metal detector to aid their search. Alas, it was nowhere to be found.  

In a last-ditch effort to reclaim the ring, Strattner pulled out his smartphone and searched for answers or help. His online search led him to — and site owner and Connecticut-based ring hunter Keith Wille. Wille made the drive to locate the ring, which is an heirloom that has been in Strattner’s family for decades. Locate it, he did. There’s even video of the find you can watch here. What a moment!

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