Remove Your Rings While Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

remove rings

Happy Holidays! We’re in the thick of it now, as families prepare to gather across America to share fellowship, fun, and FOOD. Whether you come from a family of carnivores and chow down on a traditional turkey dinner or are more into the vegan scene, we can all agree on one thing: there’s nothing like preparing a huge feast for the ones you love.

If you’re newly engaged, you might be tempted to show off that new bling the whole day… but wait! Before you prepare your Thanksgiving dinner, PLEASE remove your rings. We know you want to stare lovingly into your shiny new diamond all day long – we would, too! But there are at least 3 very good reasons you should remove your rings while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Trust us—you’ll be thankful you read them.

Reason #1: Slip Happens

Cooking with oils, butter, eggs, and other slippery ingredients is inevitable—especially when creating delicious desserts for your Thanksgiving feast. Every good chef knows that meals and desserts just come out better when you’ve been sipping on mimosas all morning. But combine a few glasses of bubbly with all that buttery goodness and you’ve got both a recipe for tasty treats and for fumbling hands! Wearing your rings while cooking might cause them to slip off unnoticed into the garbage or worse—down the drain. Removing your diamond engagement ring before stuffing the turkey will keep you from having to take your sink apart or dig through the trash to find it! (Ew.)

Reason #2: Why Is This Pie Crunchy?

Picture it: you’re surrounded by the people you love most. Your house is filled with savory scents, the kids’ table is bustling with laughter and activity, the candles are lit, and everyone is getting ready to dig in to the delicious meal you’ve spent days preparing. Your sweet great-aunt Catherine lifts a forkful of pie to her mouth, takes a bite…

And screams because she chipped her tooth on your wedding ring.

You forgot to remove your rings, and they fell off your finger and plopped right into the pie mix. Your holiday bliss turns to holiday horror as you scramble to find an emergency dentist that’s open on Thanksgiving so you can rush great-aunt Catherine to get her tooth fixed. If this all seems very dramatic and unrealistic, trust us—it’s not. There are actual stories of rings falling off into food! Just be glad great-aunt Cate didn’t swallow your ring. Nobody wants to deal with the aftermath of THAT. (Ew.)

Reason #3: Kitchen Nightmares

We like to pretend we’re a Top Chef on one of those cooking shows when we’re in the kitchen, too. But let’s face the facts: most of us aren’t that skilled with knife. And even if we are, cutlery mishaps can happen even to the most careful and seasoned chefs. Slicing and dicing, tenderizing meat, and mashing potatoes all involve a level of force that could result in a chipped gem or loose diamond. Diamonds are resilient, but they’re not indestructible—and they’re certainly not immune to getting knocked loose from their setting by a particularly overzealous potato mash. Remove your rings before you become a kitchen ninja to avoid knocking your gems out of their setting or damaging them.

The good news?  Even if you don’t heed our advice, and decide to keep your diamond engagement ring on during holiday meal prep, Zillion has you covered! Whether you lose the ring in the stuffing, knock a diamond loose while chopping, or sweep it in the trash with your food scraps, you’re protected. The safest way to protect your engagement ring this Thanksgiving is to remove it before cooking dinner. We covered that. But if you don’t, you know you can wear it with confidence. Get your free quote today, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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