4 Easy Ways to Add Value Through Customer Education

It’s been said that knowledge is power. This universal truth applies in all areas of life — including the relationship between jewelers and their customers.

The better you know and understand your customers, the better you can provide them with top-end service. The better your customers understand and know you, the more likely they are to trust and recommend you to others — and come back again and again.

It all starts with successful, ideally superior service. But customer education is also of vital importance to building a strong relationship between you and your valued clients.

As versatile as it is vital, customer education helps instill customer loyalty by enhancing value and building trust. As you increasingly educate your customers, they can begin to find new ways to utilize your products and services. They’re also much more likely to feel empowered, which may even help them better care for the jewelry pieces you sell them. All along the way, they’ll be much more likely to build a stronger connection to and affinity for your company.

Simply put, it’s a win-win situation. Everyone benefits — including the long-term health of your business and brand.

Establish Expertise — with a Smile

It’s best to do anything and everything within your power to establish you and your business as trusted jewelry experts in the minds of your customers — without coming across as anything like arrogant or aloof, of course. One great way to accomplish this is by talking to and teaching your customers about gemstones and jewelry materials. By expertly and professionally educating your customers on the difference between yellow gold and rose gold jewelry, natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds, or sterling silver and fine silver, you’ll build a new level of trust and expertise in their hearts and minds. They’ll be much more inclined to view you as an expert in your field. 

You could also provide an educational and informative look at the various diamond cuts — and possibly even their histories and back stories. Consider putting something in their hands (and/or into their email and smartphone inboxes) that contains all this valuable information. Brand it with your company’s name and logo, so they’ll automatically associate you with knowledge and insight on all things jewelry-related. 

Helpful Cleaning & Care Tips

Teaching customers how to properly clean and care for their jewelry does more than ensure that jewelry remains in good condition for as long as possible (which is quite vital in and of itself). It’s also an excellent opportunity to promote and market your business and brand.

One way to do this is by providing your valued customers with convenient cleaning, care and inspection services for their treasured jewelry piece or pieces. While you’re at it, you can also give them a high-quality cleaning and care information card, email and/or downloadable PDF file — ideally including some tips for home cleaning and care of their jewelry. By branding these communication pieces, you’re not only educating your customers, but building a strong mental and verbal association between care of their jewelry and your jeweler brand. You should also strongly consider adding cleaning and care instructions to your website.

Size Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

Customers are likely to ask for your assistance when it comes to sizing their jewelry pieces — especially when it comes to diamond (or other precious gemstone) engagement rings. When those questions come, it pays to be prepared with as many resources as possible. Much like a branded jewelry care card, a sizing chart with your company’s name, logo, website and phone number on it can be an invaluable tool here.

Another invaluable idea here is to keep your customers’ (especially repeat customers) ring size, bracelet size and necklace length on file. This is another true win-win move — benefitting not only you and your customers, but friends, family members and loved ones who may be looking to purchase jewelry gifts for them.

“Last Thing On, First Thing Off”

When educating your customers on the ins-and-outs of jewelry and its proper care and protection, there are certain helpful “catch phrases” you can use to leave a lasting impression. One is the saying “last thing on, first thing off.” This is a helpful, catchy and simple slogan that can be applied each and every day when it comes to caring for and protecting valued jewelry pieces. Here at Zillion, we like to say “wear it with confidence” to speak to the peace of mind and freedom that comes with our comprehensive, easy-to-use jewelry insurance. Printing helpful phrases, reminders, or catchy “taglines” on “keepsake” pieces – protective jewelry bags or cases, for example – could be a smart avenue for your business or brand to explore. Social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.) could also be an excellent avenue for sharing these kind of helpful and memorable tips with your valued customers.

Zillion: An Added Layer of Protection

There’s another excellent avenue your business or brand can implement to ensure an added layer of protection and security — while enhancing trust and connection with your customers:

Zillion jewelry insurance.

From our zero-dollar deductible to our zero-impact claims to our one-click activation to our satisfaction guarantee and more, Zillion empowers your valued customers to wear it with confidence. Visit our jewelers page today to learn how you can partner with us to deliver excellence and give total confidence to your customers!


Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelry insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance. If you purchased from a Preferred Jewelers International retailer please email us at partners@myzillion.com and let us know the name of the retailer. Thank you.