Jewelry Inspection 101: Why, When & How

Perhaps you’ve purchased a jewelry piece and been told by the salesperson that it’s important to come back sometime soon and have it inspected by their professional staff. Some people might interpret this as yet another creative “upsell” sales tactic. As jewelry insurance experts, we can confirm that regular jewelry inspections are, in fact, legitimate — not to mention quite important for the long-term security of your precious pieces.

Unless you’re running a jewelry store or curating a museum collection, jewelry is meant to be worn, not displayed behind a glass case. And let’s face it: we’re not always immune from clumsy movements and awkward accidents. In fact, many of us are what could traditionally be referred to as “a klutz.” But even if you’ve got moves like Mick Jagger, the truth is that jewelry tends to be delicate — and more than a bit fickle and mysterious in its ways. Diamonds, jade, sapphire and other gemstones are referred to as “precious stones” for a reason.


No matter who you are or what you do on a daily basis, chances are your jewelry gets exposed to its fair share of wear and tear (say that five times fast). It might look perfectly fine to you, your loved one or any other casual, untrained and unequipped eye. But there could be something amiss that the naked eye doesn’t quite catch.

When you take your jewelry in for an inspection, they’ll use the awesome powers of high-tech magnification equipment to take a truly up-close-and-personal look at your precious piece or pieces. And even if something’s not necessarily “wrong”…they may be able to also practice a bit of “preventative medicine” while they’re working.

How Often?

Now that we’ve established the “why” behind jewelry inspection, let’s take a closer look at the “when” involved in the overall equation. It’s generally recommended that you bring your jewelry pieces in for an inspection at least once every year — make that at least twice a year if it’s a piece you wear every day. Some people even recommend three annual visits for jewelry inspection for pieces that are worn every day. If you happen to really knock into or scrape something up against your jewelry, it’s best to bring it in right away — just to be on the safe side. 

How it Works

Things can differ from jeweler to jeweler, of course. But generally speaking, when you bring your jewelry in for an inspection, it’s best to set a little time aside. Think of it like heading in for an annual physical with your doctor. Or taking your car in to the dealer for routine maintenance (well, maybe don’t think about visiting a car dealership…at least not too long). Like any semi-annual check-up/check-in, doing things the right way requires a bit of a time investment.

Once they’ve got your jewelry under magnification in the shop, the professionals will check to see if things like prongs are in solid shape (they can get worn out, bent and even broken), and that diamonds and/or other gemstones are snug and secure in their settings. Loose stones can easily be tightened back into place by a professional, working with professional equipment. They’ll also check for any other possible problems, such as cracks, chips, stressed or weak spots.

If your jeweler finds anything amiss, you should expect a thorough explanation and detailed description — along with an estimate of the repair costs. If nothing is needed at the time, you can at least request a courtesy cleaning and polishing, which should only take a few minutes or so — and beats cleaning your jewelry at home (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Also Vital: Jewelry Insurance

Regular inspections aren’t the only wise preventive measure that can help secure your prized jewelry piece or pieces for the long-run. Jewelry insurance is of equal importance and value. In addition to damage to your valued jewelry, a good insurance policy can help guard against unfortunate (and potentially quite costly) events such as accidental damage, loss and theft. Chances are your jewelry is worth quite a bit — and that value goes far beyond the considerable financial worth, too. So why not ensure that it’s protected against loss and accidental damage? At Zillion, we’re all about empowering you to wear it with confidence

It’s easy to get started insuring your jewelry, too. Just visit our homepage and get your free quote now!


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