Top 4 Jewelry Care Tips for Summer

Tips on how to care for your jewelry during the summer months.
Engagement Rings in sand at the Beach

While pumpkin spice season may be just around the corner, there’s no need to bid farewell to trips to the beach and pool just yet. It’s important to take care of your jewelry year-round, but summertime means extra exposure to things that can damage your treasures. All that fun in the sun can wreak havoc on your diamond engagement ring. Here are a few tips on the best ways to care for your jewelry during the summer.

Jewelry Care Tip #1: Take Jewelry Off Before Applying Sunscreen

We all know that wearing sunscreen is important. When you’re itching to get in the water, it’s easy to just slather lotion on yourself and dive right in — but wait! Before you protect your skin against the sun, protect your jewelry against your sunscreen. That’s right, sunscreen can cause a buildup of film on your rings, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories. That filmy buildup can make your engagement ring lose its luster — and we know you don’t want that! Slip your jewelry off before applying sunscreen for the day — preferably while you’re at home or in your hotel room so you can stow it away safely instead of having to tuck it in a beach bag. This leads us to our next point…

Jewelry Care Tip #2: Properly Store Your Jewelry

One of the best ways to protect your jewelry — both at home and while traveling — is to make sure it’s stored properly. The best protection for your jewelry at home is in a clean jewelry box or other jewelry storage receptacle. Make sure you use a protective, cushioned fabric or soft type of felt to ensure your wedding ring (and other jewelry) doesn’t get scratched.

Traveling with Jewelry

While traveling, storing jewelry in a travel-friendly jewelry organizer (with aforementioned protective fabrics!) is a great idea… but don’t stop there. Jewelry theft can happen even in the sanctuary of your hotel room so if the hotel offers a safe, take advantage and keep your jewelry safely stashed in it.

Jewelry Care Tip #3: Don’t Wear Jewelry While Swimming

When that clear, sparkling body of water beckons on a hot day, it’s tempting to just dive right in. If you’ve already applied sunscreen and are following our tips, you’ve already removed and stored your jewelry by now… but just in case you’re swimming in an indoor pool or forgot our first two tips, make sure you take your jewelry off before taking the plunge! Chlorine and salt water can discolor and damage gold or platinum and slowly erode a gemstone’s polish. Not to mention the risk you run of losing your jewelry. When your fingers are cold, they constrict — and if your rings are even a little loose, they could slip off your finger and get lost in the water without you even realizing it.

Jewelry Care Tip #4: Clean Jewelry Regularly

There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned ring that absolutely shines. While you can — and should — take your jewelry for professional cleanings every now and then, sometimes you just need a quick polish. Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis is a great way to keep it protected and beautiful. Whether cleaning your diamond engagement ring or gold jewelry, DIY cleanings are a quick fix for gunky gems when done properly.

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