Keeping the Spark Alive: 4 Tips for Long-Term Couples

People aren’t always easy. Hence, relationships aren’t always easy — be they work, friendship or love relationships. But it’s been said by more than a few wise men and women that anything worthwhile doesn’t come easily. Here at Zillion, we couldn’t agree more — and we can’t help but always champion the enduring power and beauty of romance and love.

With that in mind, we’d like to offer a few tips designed to help couples who have been in long-term relationships keep that special “spark” alive in their connection with their loved ones. We hope you find this post enjoyable and enlightening. And here’s to love!

Same Partner. NEW Place.

It’s perfectly natural for any and all relationships to go through ebbs and flows, highs and lows. And while we’re all creatures of comfort and habit (some more than others, of course), sometimes doing the same thing, with the same person, time and time again, can start to feel a bit…unappealing. So when it comes time to inject a new burst or spark into your long-term relationship, why not start by doing something different. Going somewhere new. Trying something…unfamiliar. A little bit of novelty, a small shakeup to your accustomed routine, should be able to kick start a brand new phase in your love life.


Over the past year-plus, we’ve all come to realize how much we tend to take little things for granted. Chief amongst these things might be the healing and connecting power of human touch. When it comes to touch in a love relationship, it doesn’t just have to be sensual or playful. It can even be something as seemingly simple as holding hands, hugging one another, or offering a soothing shoulder rub. Why not take some time every day to make a conscious effort to enhance your level of touch, contact and connection with your partner? You might be surprised just how much closer together this exercise brings you both — literally and figuratively.

The Steamier Stuff…

Of course, sensual touch, sex, kissing and creative, passionate lovemaking should never be discounted or discarded — regardless of how long you and your loved one have been together for. It might sound anything but sexy to schedule some time to enjoy intimacy and passion with your loved one, but given the always-on and forever-multi-tasking nature of modern life, booking a time on your iPhone calendar (and then hiding the phone for a while) to get busy together might just be exactly what’s needed to ignite a brand new spark. Don’t be afraid to let loose. Have some fun. Get creative. Build some tension and mystery. Remember, it’s often everything that happens before intimacy that makes your time together super sexy.

Complimentary > Complacency

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’re probably well practiced at saying “I love you” to one another. But how often do you really say it — with passion, connection, eye contact and appreciation? Better yet, how often do you take some extra time to say it without actually saying it? There’s so many things you can do to express your love, admiration and appreciation for one another. There’s also many more ways you can state it, verbally, other than the standard “I love you.” When was the last time you complimented your partner on his or her unique talents? Told them you appreciate how hard they work? Reminded them of all the reasons you fell in love with her or him in the first place? Go ahead. Say it. Show it. Don’t hold back. Remember, complimentary beats complacency all day, every day — and deep down, we all want to be appreciated, respected, heard and seen for who we are and what we do.

Perhaps a Revitalized Ring?

One way you can show enduring appreciation, admiration and love for your partner is to “upgrade,” refinish or even replace your wedding ring or diamond (or non-traditional alternative) engagement ring. Even if you don’t choose to go this route, you should absolutely make sure that both your rings – along with any other valued jewelry pieces – are insured against any accidental damage, theft or loss.

That’s where Zillion comes in. We make it fast, easy and affordable to protect and insure your valuable jewelry. That way, you can wear it with confidence — and devote all your extra energy to rekindling that spark between the person who’s wearing that jewelry.

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