True Stories of Lost & Found Jewelry Part 2

Here at Zillion, we never miss an opportunity to champion the value of jewelry — along with the value of love and marriage. We’ve even shared some stories of love that’s been lost…and then found again.

Turns out, the same thing can happen with jewelry that symbolizes long-lasting love. Here are some stories that you might find every bit as beautiful — and amazing.

The Dog Ate My Wedding Ring…

Washington Post columnist John Kelly recently shared a handful of rather remarkable stories involving the loss of – and later recovery of – diamond rings.

One of those stories involved Ms. Millie Hurlbut of Lanham, Maryland, whose ring went flying off her finger when she grabbed the collar of her large dog, Max, as Max was racing out the front door one evening.

To make the story even more dramatic, the ring had previously belonged to Millie’s mother, who was married all the way back in 1932. No matter how hard or long they looked, they simply couldn’t find it. Call it the classic case of the dog ate my engagement ring.

Then, some seven years later, Millie got a random phone call at work from her cleaning lady. She had found the ring…in the spine of one of Millie’s shelved cookbooks. You really can’t cook a more amazing story than that, can you?

Runnin’ on Empty (aka The Longest Mile)

A few years ago, Glamour Magazine published a handful of similar stories, submitted by readers. One that really stood out was related by a woman named Danielle.

Danielle routinely ran along a one-mile route near her home. At the conclusion of one of her runs, she realized she had returned a bit lighter than she had hoped for. Her diamond ring was missing.

Danielle went so far as to order a $7 imposter ring from Amazon to distract her husband from the loss; all while running around everywhere looking for the genuine item. By what she termed “some stroke of magical luck,” Danielle found her real ring — on the ground near the end of her block.

Pawn in the Game of Life

Another popular magazine, Reader’s Digest, recently published an equally incredible story of a lost-and-found ring. Gel Jamlang relates how one evening, while reaching for some hand lotion, she realized that her Bluebird diamond wedding ring was missing. Gel had worn this ring for more than half a century. To make matters worse, the loss came while her husband was confined to an assisted living facility with a serious illness — and that same day, she had learned that she would soon need cataract surgery.

Gel looked in every drawer and closet in her house, along with her car, to no avail. She thought back to the first time she laid her much younger eyes on her husband, while she was just a girl in tiny Highmore, South Dakota. Then she recalled when he presented her with the ring.

Soon, Gel’s daughter, Jan, convinced them to take a trip to find a new ring before they both went to visit Gel’s husband. Gel suggested they visit a local pawn shop. After combing patiently through two jewelry cases, she amazingly located her own lost ring, the Bluebird diamond. Eventually they traced its arrival at the pawn shop to a young girl, who had discovered it in a mall parking lot.

Wear it With Confidence

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