Investing in Jewelry (and Zillion): 5 Key Pointers

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Everyone loves jewelry. Especially all of the passionate jewelry insurance professionals here at Zillion. While this love is shared, its exact nature, origins, and motivations may vary.

Some love jewelry for its emotional meaning and sentimental value. Others are captivated by the dazzling shine and brilliant sheen of gold, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Others might value jewelry for its commanding and immediate display of wealth, power, and status. Still others may value jewelry most as an…


But is it wise to invest in jewelry? Is this really the best foundation to build your undying love upon? Like anything involving topics like finances, securities, and such, you can ask 100 different people this question…and probably get 100 different answers (and opinions).

It’s easy to see why one would encourage such investment, of course. Surging precious metal and gemstone prices recently can mean that owners of fine jewelry are holding upwards of $100,000 worth of wearable (and portable) investments—and often gaining significant appreciation from their original purchase prices. And even though it’s classified as an “alternative asset” by many, jewelry brilliantly blends an exciting potential for financial enhancement and gain with the aforementioned allure of emotional and aesthetic appeal. And how many other investments can you proudly pair and wear with beautiful wardrobe pieces? You’re definitely not about to strut out to dinner with a painting dangling around your neck or Apple stock options wrapped around your wrist.

(Well, we suppose you could do something like that…)

Far beyond its enduring appeal, allure, and portability, jewelry can be a truly intriguing investment option for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio. Following are five key pointers to consider when investing (or contemplating investment) in jewelry.

Point 1: Undeniable and Enduring Value

For starters, there’s the matter of enduring value. The kind of value that can withstand and even overcome the many uncertainties, fluctuations, and variations within the always-fragile and volatile American economic landscape. Simply put, valuable jewelry pieces such as a diamond engagement ring or a solid gold wedding band possess not just ornate, but innate, inherent, and intrinsic value. That’s how it’s always been with precious metals and gemstones. That’s how it will always be.

As enduring and iron-clad in their value as gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals are, gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are even more rarefied and valued. High-quality, high-style jewelry, especially pieces that feature fine and rare gemstones, will almost always boast a high resale value. Conversely, these pieces will rarely lose value over time. We’re talking about appreciable assets here. Often highly appreciable assets. And an appreciable asset is always a wise investment.

There’s also the matter of liquidity. Let’s say you find yourself in immediate need of additional cash. In a pinch, you could sell your fine jewelry for a high return, regardless of the prevailing market or economic conditions. Jewelry truly ranks as a fairly liquid investment that you can pretty much sell for a good value anytime, anywhere. Especially if it bears big-time brand name and designer recognition.

Point 2: Invest in Designer and Brand Names

But what’s in a name? As it turns out, quite a bit. Especially when it comes to investing in a diamond engagement ring or other fine jewelry pieces. When it comes to such high-end, high-dollar jewelry pieces, there’s always an extra helping of added (and enduring) value provided by the imagination and input of renowned jewelry designers and brands.

These names and reputations have been built on equally iron-clad qualities like superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and precious materials. As such, investing in jewelry pieces from famous designers and renowned brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, and other major names delivers great potential for asset appreciation over time. These prominent brands also enhance potential buyers’ natural attraction to and affinity for these pieces.

Simply put, the greatest investment value for your money will come in high-quality, easy-name-recognition fine jewelry from elite and coveted designers and jewelry manufacturers. More generic and less-coveted jewelry is never nearly as strong nor secure of an investment option.

Point 3: Investment Protection

Have you ever heard of the term “investment protection”? Broadly speaking, investment protection refers to any form of guarantee–or insurance, if you will–that an investment will not be lost. In many investment situations, this “loss” refers to some degree or version of fraud. As an example, the Investor Protection Bureau is a legal body in the state of New York (operating under the auspices of the New York State Attorney General) that is charged, by order of the New York State Securities Law’s Martin Act, with protecting the public from fraud. It accomplishes this noble and needed goal by monitoring and limiting investment.

With a physical, tangible, wearable investment like a diamond engagement ring, high-end, diamond-encrusted watch, gold necklace or pendant, or any other valuable piece of jewelry, this loss can be more physical and literal in nature. That’s where a dedicated jewelry insurance policy comes into play. We’ll cover this topic in greater detail soon. After all, it’s why all of us here at Zillion do what we do—and love doing it.

Point 4: For Your Consideration…

Investing in jewelry can certainly prove to be rewarding. But it’s wise to remember that there are also always risks to be mindful of—and take into serious consideration before purchasing any investment jewelry.

Market fluctuations. Shifting trends. Concerns about authenticity. These and other factors must be researched and understood. It’s key to educate yourself on the many nuances of the jewelry market and carefully evaluate each investment opportunity on its own merits.

One thing to remember is that the selling price of a given jewelry piece depends “heavily” on the prevailing price of the precious metal or metals it incorporates. As an investor, you must keep in mind that any precious metal is subject to price fluctuations—with supply and demand playing a major role here. If diamonds or other precious gemstones comprise the bulk of the value of your jewelry, these price variables and variations are certain to be less significant. The rarity, scarcity, and undying demand of diamonds and other fine, precious gemstones dictates this truth—at all times.

Of course, like with any investment, it’s also always wise to seek expert advice before making a final purchase decision. Second opinions are also smart. Much like when you purchase a jewelry insurance policy from Zillion (more on this real soon), wise counsel and expert input will help you purchase (and perhaps later wear) your prized piece with added confidence.

Point 5: Also Consider…Jewelry Insurance from Zillion

Whether your new fine jewelry purchase is strictly an investment or it’s more about making an emotional investment–and relationship commitment–to a significant other, you should also invest in something else:

A jewelry insurance policy from Zillion.

Remember, jewelry is absolutely an asset—and a strong, long-term investment option. Why would you not protect your asset and insure your investment? By putting proper precautions in place, you can potentially replace the financial value of your prized piece or pieces in the unfortunate event of jewelry loss, damage, or disaster—as well as protect the serious sentimental value of your jewelry.  

Trust us, you don’t want to leave this highly important job to the wildly uncertain, unstable, and underperforming option of insuring your jewelry investments on your homeowners or renters insurance policy or relying on just an engagement ring warranty. No, purchasing dedicated jewelry insurance is simply the very best jewelry investment you can make. By protecting your valued and treasured fine jewelry piece from theft, loss, damage, and disaster, it empowers you to wear it with confidence—or to safely and securely stash your jewelry away as an even smarter investment.

When you insure your valued jewelry investment with Zillion, you get better coverage. Better rates. Better service. Better…everything. Jewelry insurance with Zillion is also faster. Easier. And more concierge-ier. OK, we made that last word up. But with our truly invaluable concierge claim services, everything is easier and more productive if you ever do need to file a claim.

So go ahead and make the investment in jewelry insurance today. Get started with your fast, free quote at the Zillion homepage right now!


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