Love and Commitment – and Jewelry

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Love and commitment. It’s the stuff we all dream about. Pray for. Pen poetry and write songs about. Pontificate and ruminate and celebrate. Love is what makes the world go around. Some even insist that love is all you need.

There are as many ways to demonstrate love for another as there is diversity and variety within love relationships. One of the most time-honored, highly-esteemed, and richly valued ways has always involved gifting jewelry. Especially a diamond engagement ring – or an alternative gemstone engagement ring.

A Brief History of the Engagement Ring

For as long as humans have been celebrating and institutionalizing relationships and marriage, there have been symbols of this love and commitment. The history of wedding rings likely stretches back 5,000 years ago, when ancient Egyptians would weave leather or wood into “rings of love” for romantic exchange. These circular, wearable objects signified eternal love without end. The Egyptians likely believed to have pioneered wearing a wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. They believed this finger to contain a special vein that led directly to the heart.

However, some scholars attribute the ancient Romans with the custom to present a ring as a gesture of love and commitment. There’s also a theory that revolves around…insurance. Not engagement ring insurance (that’s our domain), but something often referred to as “fidelity insurance.” In other words, the ring shows that the woman wearing it is now “spoken for” by a soon-to-be marrying man.

History is history, however. As many societies have patriarchal roots, usually men purchased and presented an engagement ring to his desired bride-to-be. Over time, this elaborate and romantic courting exercise came to be fully understood in just one word: proposal. Of course, much has changed culturally over time, especially in the past generation or two. These days, you’re likely to see once-rare sights like nontraditional gemstone engagement rings, or men wearing engagement rings alongside their fiancée. And while there’s great room for progress, there’s increasing acceptance and understanding of engagement and marriage between same-sex couples.

How Does a Promise Ring Show Love and Commitment?

Less common (and certainly less expensive) than a diamond engagement ring is what many refer to as a promise ring. A promise ring is sort of like the expansive classical Greek philosophy on love and commitment. It can signify a variety of relationships, whereas an engagement ring represents a commitment to the institution of marriage.

You expect to get engaged and eventually married – just not yet. There’s a promise ring for that. Perhaps you want to signify and celebrate a deep “platonic” friendship. Well, you can wear a promise ring with such significance. There’s even a promise ring that features accents around the shank and represents enduring, never-dying love – often called an “eternity ring.” If you want to dive deeper into the wide world of promise rings, Diamond Nexus authored an in-depth, detailed blog about promise rings.

Valuing Love and Commitment

Rest assured, all of us here at Zillion care, too. Deeply. That’s a promise we make to you, and a promise we always keep. You see, we’re all about celebrating fine jewelry and protecting it with the finest-quality jewelry insurance. We love diamonds, gold, and all jewelry, and we’re equally enamored of the meaning, thought, and feeling behind them. We always appreciate, encourage, and celebrate love, especially in the context of devoted and committed love relationships.

Zillion also values your relationship with your jeweler. Just like any relationship based on love and commitment, this is one that necessitates a strong level of trust between both parties.

We get it. We have our own established, strong, and committed relationships with a nationwide network of high-value jewelers. When you purchase a premier jewelry insurance policy through us, you also derive immediate value from this exclusive partner network of jewelers. It’s a proud, wise, experienced group that features leading-edge and trend-setting names like Solomon Brothers Jewelers, Heller Jewelers, Shreve & Co., and Kwiat New York. And it continues to grow in stride with us.  

We (and you, as our valued customer) are also backed by AXA XL, highly rated, and one of the world’s largest jewelry insurers. It all adds up to an A+ Superior Rating by A.M. Best.

Our Commitment to YOU

Of course, the relationship we’re most passionate about on a day-in, day-out basis is the dedicated and reliable relationship we have with each of our customers. We commit to providing you with the very best diamond engagement ring insurance and overall jewelry insurance coverage available today. Zillion delivers comprehensive protection that’s not just affordable, but also reliable, fast, smart, tech-savvy, and EASY. We do all the heavy lifting – much of it up front – so you never have to do anything more than lift a finger when purchasing your jewelry.

We demonstrate this next level of care, love, and commitment at every step of our journey alongside you, our valued customer. This care starts with an easy “on ramp” for you to purchase your jewelry insurance – immediately at the point of sale, with one click on your phone. You’ll get instant coverage for your valued jewelry, and save up to 15% off homeowners policy rates before you walk out the door.  

We reinforce this commitment through always-reliable, ironclad coverage that guarantees full protection and empowers you to wear it with confidence. It’s even further demonstrated with our unwavering insistence on delivering what we call “concierge” claim service.

The Concierge Effect

Concierge claim service means a no-worries, no-hassle, none-better approach to jewelry insurance. It means easy online claims, either in your own home or a hotel on the other side of the world. It means faster replacement times – as in your jewelry replacement or repair getting underway, right away. Our dedicated and experienced service team starts working on your behalf within 24 hours after you file your claim online.

But concierge claim service also means more. Much more. For example, if you need any replacements or repair work from your jeweler, you can relax – and let us handle all the nitty-gritty, fine-print details. As our valued customer, you won’t ever be burdened to prove ownership of your item nor verify its value. You won’t have to worry about negotiating a cash settlement. With us working hard and smart for YOU behind the scenes, you won’t even need to pay a deductible.

True Love. We Promise.

You won’t find a more committed partner to help ensure the safety, security, and longevity of your diamond engagement ring – or any other valued jewelry piece. We can promise you this much. And we can help you wear your very own promise ring with full and complete confidence.


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