Happily Ever After The 2nd Time Around

What happens if the marriage proposal does not go according to plans (and dreams)?

It’s a beautiful, cherished and possibly even magical moment. The man whisks the woman he loves away to some secluded spot, or possibly a favorite restaurant or location that they both enjoy visiting. Suddenly, surprisingly, he gets down on one knee, removes a jewelry case from his pocket, and presents his love with a sparkling diamond engagement ring.

The question is simple. Direct. Deep. Profound. Meaningful. Very meaningful.

“Will you marry me?”

It’s a moment memorialized in all manners of entertainment and experience, across the decades, centuries and cultures. Diamond engagement ring styles may evolve and change — but most everything associated with “popping the question” stays the same.

But what happens if the marriage proposal does not go according to plans (and dreams)? What happens if a man’s dreams were also to get…popped? Can such an unfortunate negative ever be turned into an exciting positive?

Thankfully, the answer is the same as the one every man hopes and dreams for when he makes his proposal:


Here are just a few examples of “No” eventually morphing into a “Yes” — of some sort. The names have been withheld, to protect the innocent (and the spurned). We hope you enjoy them.

Talk About a Surprise…

The online version of Redbook,, solicited some surprising stories of rejection — and later redemption. Among the most interesting of them? A man decided to propose to his live-in girlfriend, even using his great-grandparents’ wedding ring to do so. Not only was he told, “No” — but she also told him, “I’m gay.” The man relates that in the 20-years years since, his ex has remained with her same-sex partner, even adopting two children. He himself has now been married for 16 years — and his wife proudly wears that family heirloom wedding ring.

Seventh Heaven

The popular website BuzzFeed also gathered a collection of oddly inspiring stories of rejection, turning to a thread on another popular site, Reddit, for source material. One of the more interesting stories involved a man demonstrating remarkable persistence in his quest. After asking – and being told “no” – some six times, the man found himself out at dinner with his girlfriend. Following their Chinese meal, he received a fortune cookie that read, “Your wish is within reach. As once more.” Here fortune, meanwhile, read, “Get your hope chest ready.” This time, sensing fate was also involved, she said yes. This was back in 1981. They remain married and in love today.

A Familiar Face(book)

Another interesting story in the Redbook Rejection Diaries (our name, not theirs) involved a 1980s marriage proposal rejection that led to failed marriages for both a man and his ex-girlfriend. Years later, the man joined Facebook — and got a message from the woman who spurned him all those years before. Six months after their online reconnection – and 25 years after his rejected in-person proposal – the couple married. At the time of his story submission, the man reported “we are still going strong, with our sixth anniversary coming up in a few weeks.”

Something You CAN Control? Engagement Ring Protection.

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