We’re Ready to Say Good Bye to 2020…and Hello to 2021. How About You?

Boy. It’s sure been some kind of a year, hasn’t it?

We previously wrote about some Golden Christmas traditions. Previous to that, we touched on Thanksgiving. Now, as the unique and uniquely challenging year known as 2020 nears an end that we’ll all gladly celebrate, we’d like to share a New Year’s blog post with you.

We here at Zillion simply cannot wait to usher in 2021 — and we’re quite confident you feel the same sense of eager anticipation.

Here are some ideas and inspirations for ways to start 2021 off right.

Organize. Declutter. Clean.

Most New Year’s resolutions involve some form of lifestyle change. Chief amongst them seem to be diet and exercise changes. But in 2021, the gym membership thing is sure to still be at least somewhat…uncertain. Sure, you can vow to work out outside more – or even just enjoy something as simple as outdoor walks more often – but it might also be quite cold where you call home for a few months. So why not shift some of that “lifestyle shift” energy to your indoor environment? It’s no secret that a cluttered, messy or dirty home isn’t exactly the most hygienic or sanitary of places. But what if it’s also dirtying up your…mind? There’s a traditional Chinese practice known as “feng shui” that holds that de-cluttering, optimizing and “balancing” one’s living environment translates directly to a calmer, clearer, more productive and rewarding way of life. You can also take some time to clean your valuable jewelry and enhance and upgrade its own personal spaces while you’re staying safe at home.

Pocket Your Phone from Time to Time

Speaking of an overwhelmed and cluttered mind…how about those pesky and ever-present cell phones of ours, eh? Social media networks. Newsfeeds. Text threads. Photo opportunities. Music playlists. They’re all inevitable and at times invaluable parts of modern, mobile device-driven life — especially in 2020: The Ultimate Year of FOMO and OMG Ever. But our mobile devices can also serve as tremendous sources of stress, anxiety and even depression. So why not vow to take a little time every day to pocket your phone? Maybe even…turn it off for 30 minutes or an hour here and there. You might just be surprised how much clarity and peace of mind this lifestyle change brings you in 2021.

Say “I Love You” More

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we all should be thankful for our health — and the health of our friends, family and loved ones. So why not tell the people in your life that you love them more often in 2021? If you’re in a long-term relationship but you’ve been putting off a proposal, wedding or honeymoon…well, maybe just go ahead and take that leap. Heck, maybe you even want to give it a…second go-around? Of course, if these major life moves involve travel and large get-togethers, it’s best to wait until the CDC, state and local governments give the “all clear” to take that particular plunge. But starting January 1, there’s absolutely no pandemic restrictions or worries involved with saying, “I love you.” Or even the more “bromantic” iteration of “I love you, man!” Who knows? You might just…love the way it makes you feel.

Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind

Certainly, some mindful breaks from our mobile devices can lead to enhanced sensations and stretches of calmer, more in-the-moment living. We previously touched on some helpful practices to enhance thanksgiving and gratitude in your life, and some of those tactics included the practice of meditation. Much more than just turning off your smartphone, tuning in via meditation is a time-honored and scientifically-proven method of providing clarity, calm and peace of mind. Various studies have shown that consistent meditation can do everything from reduce stress levels and blood pressure to enhance feelings of love, contentment, safety and gratitude — all things that are especially helpful during tough times such as a pandemic. You can start just by laying down or sitting up straight in a quiet area, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath…

Let US Help You Feel Even More Secure…

Here at Zillion, we’re firm believers in another newer yet equally effective way to enhance these feelings of safety, security and happiness:

A jewelry insurance policy with Zillion.

Your gold or diamond engagement ring or other treasured jewelry piece means the world to you. During these uncertain and trying times, your jewelry is also something that can bring you daily feelings of familiarity and centeredness. So it only makes sense to spend just a small bit of money to ensure a large degree of security for something so valuable to you. This way, if anything unfortunate should happen to your jewelry, you can reach out to us and be assured of a streamlined claims process. It’s super easy to start, too. Just visit our homepage to get your quick, no-cost quote.

Thank You. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Of course, if you happen to already be one of our valued customers or partners, we want to take a moment to say “Thank You” for your partnership with us in 2020. It’s been a challenging, confusing, wild and utterly weird year. We hope we’ve helped provide you with at least a small sense of comfort, safety and satisfaction — whether via an insurance policy, blog post, or both.

Oh, and to everyone who took the time to read this:



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