Jewelry Insurance Claims: 3 Real Zillion Stories

jewelry insurance claim

All of us here at Zillion have a rather…interesting relationship with jewelry insurance claims.

You might even say that it’s, well…


On the one hand, we absolutely appreciate and flat-out love the opportunity to help people. On the other hand, an incoming claim means the inevitable occurrence of something, well…


Simply put, it means that someone has had something bad happen to their beloved jewelry. All too often, loss, damage, theft, or assorted tragedy has befallen their engagement or wedding ring.

We don’t like that. Not at all. Because at Zillion, we take our responsibility to our jewelry insurance policyholders extremely seriously. Our goal is to make your insurance claim process as easy and stress-free as possible.  This is even more important during times that inevitably entail an already super-stressful situation.

As you shop for an engagement ring, you might think that a jewelry insurance policy isn’t worth the money. Maybe you think jewelry theft is something that happens to other people, or that you’re always just so careful that you couldn’t possibly lose something as precious as your diamond engagement ring. In a perfect world, people wouldn’t ever actually need our jewelry insurance policies. But we simply don’t live in a perfect world, and even the most conscious, cautious person might find themselves in a bad situation. You may find yourself wishing you’d purchased an effective jewelry insurance policy for your engagement ring or wedding ring. Valuable jewelry is lost, damaged, or stolen more often than you’d think.

Trust us. We know. Now we’d like to give you a sneak peek at three real-life jewelry insurance claims from three real-life Zillion customers and reviewers that we’ve seen during our years of hard work. Alas, all three involve precious, pricey diamond engagement rings. 

Tale 1: Lost Doing Daily Errands

Here’s our first tale of woe, from a Zillion customer who shall remain anonymous:

“I was wearing my engagement ring in the morning when I went to pick up my best friend. We chatted, and then I dropped her off at her apartment. On the way home, I was wearing the ring in my car. I then went out and ran a few errands before picking up food for dinner….I remember that I didn’t have the ring on during the food pickup because the woman who handed me the food order commented on my nails. As I glanced down, I noticed the ring wasn’t on my finger. The errand was so quick, I didn’t think anything of the ring absence at the time and assumed it was back home in my jewelry box.

The next day as I was getting ready for work, I opened my jewelry box…and my ring wasn’t there. When I didn’t see it there, my heart hit my stomach. I’ve searched everywhere: my home, my car; I even retraced my steps from the day before. I cannot find my ring anywhere. I’m devastated.”

Tale 2: Bridge Over Troubled Water

And now for jewelry insurance claim tale number two:

“While walking over a bridge one day, my wife’s ring slipped off her finger and fell right into the river. At 6 a.m. the next day, we went down to the river to see if the ring had washed ashore with the waves. We looked up and down the river bank, searching through muddy water, but we never found it. We’re still shocked and speechless. I spent months researching diamonds and choosing the ring; it was the most precious item in our household.”

Tale 3: Swiped Away on Vacation

And now for the third and final cautionary tale of jewelry insurance claims:

“We were on vacation in London when my wife’s ring was stolen out of our hotel room while we were out exploring the city all day. We were tired from a full day and went straight to bed and didn’t notice it was missing until the following morning as we were packing and getting ready to check out. The hotel didn’t have a safe, and my wife left the ring in the nightstand. When we discovered it was missing, we immediately went to the front desk and then to the police station. We checked out of the hotel but hung around town waiting for good news, but the police officer said he went to the hotel and the ring didn’t turn up.”

A GREAT FIND? Zillion! 

Each of these three scary, sad situations could literally happen to anyone—yep, even you! Diamond engagement rings and other precious jewelry pieces get lost, damaged, and stolen every minute of every day. Of course, you can’t always control situations like that. But you can control what happens…next.

Losing a cherished engagement ring, wedding ring, or other piece of prized jewelry is tough enough in and of itself. Protecting your jewelry with a strong, smart, reliable, and affordable jewelry insurance plan can take at least some of the sting out of a truly heartbreaking situation.

At Zillion, we proudly and passionately offer you the very best jewelry insurance offerings available. Our standalone jewelry insurance policies will cover you completely—so you can wear your prized jewelry with confidence.

Our valuable, versatile jewelry insurance plans protect your investments from top to bottom, inside and out. When you submit a jewelry insurance claim, we offer the full value replacement of your diamond engagement ring or other prized jewelry piece—whether it’s lost, damaged, or stolen. One of the best parts? Jewelry insurance is portable; no matter where you go, your jewelry is protected by Zillion. Each and every time. 

Simply put, a jewelry insurance policy from Zillion offers you peace of mind for your jewelry, so you can do more than just wear it—you can wear it with confidence!


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