6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Love Life

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be for houses — your relationship with your partner can be spruced up, too. Spring cleaning your love life is an important part of keeping a relationship healthy. Here are six ways to keep your relationship spic and span.

1: Try Something New Together

One of the biggest challenges to keeping a relationship fresh is boredom. If you find yourself and your significant other feeling a little… well… stale, there’s an easy way to fix that: try something new and exciting together! We recommend pursuing a hobby or doing something new for both of you. Love a fun night out? Take dance lessons together. Are the two of you always up for a new, spontaneous adventure? Go hang gliding — or if you’re really brave, skydiving. We’re willing to bet things will feel pretty fresh and exciting after all that adrenaline! And don’t forget that even a date night in can be a special way to try something new. 

2: Get a Babysitter and GO OUT!

Do your weekends look like this?:

  • Wake up. Tend to kids.
  • Make lunch. Tend to kids. 
  • Entertain kids.
  • Kids. Kids. Sports tournament. Kids. Kids.
  • Feed kids. (If you’re lucky, you feed yourself something besides cold chicken nuggets and soggy french fries.)
  • Bedtime for kids.
  • Try and watch a movie on the couch. Fail; pass out instead. 

If you’re nodding enthusiastically, it’s time to break out of your weekend routine. Remember when you and your partner used to go out and do things? At least once a month, spring for a babysitter and go have fun with your partner. Imagine watching a whole movie uninterrupted, or eating an actual, hot meal. Find a babysitter you trust, hire them, and go out and do things!

3: Declutter Your Possessions

While you’re giving your relationship a spring clean, why not do the same to your home? Go through your possessions together and toss what you don’t need — what doesn’t spark joy, as they say. Taking the time to spruce up your belongings together can lead to unexpected connections: imagine you’re rummaging through long-forgotten boxes and stumble across old photos of the two of you. How much fun would it be to sit together and go through the pictures and reminisce? A tidy home is a huge stress reliever and can help you live a happier, healthier life. 

4: Go to Therapy

We’re just going to say it: everyone should be in therapy! You don’t have to have “problems” or “issues” to see a therapist — and your relationship doesn’t have to be on the rocks to see one, either. Couples who regularly see a therapist can benefit in a multitude of ways: therapy acts as a sounding board, as a regular emotional check-in, it improves your emotional intelligence and communication, and it can help identify small problems before they turn into large resentments. If there are things you’ve been holding back, therapy can help you clean those negative emotions out in a safe, controlled, healthy space. 

5: Start an Exercise Routine

Everyone knows that exercise is essential to their health, and as it turns out, couples who exercise together can reap even more benefits than simply working out alone. Exercising with your partner makes you healthier and happier; it brings you closer and strengthens your bond. (Hello, endorphins!) Think about how good it would feel to have your partner cheering you on as you meet (and crush) your fitness goals. That’s not even to mention the potential for post-workout shower fun! (Wink, wink.)

6: Unplug and Connect

Finally, let’s just address the high-tech elephant in the room: we are all far too addicted to our phones and tablets. It’s easy to fall into the habit of scrolling through social media while ignoring our partner entirely. While there’s nothing wrong with a little downtime on the web, make sure it doesn’t take priority over the person you love most. Take time each day to set your devices aside and truly connect — talk about your day, make plenty of eye contact, ask lots of questions, and cuddle. We’re willing to bet this will be more enjoyable than any funny cat video will ever be.


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