7 Tips to Keep Your Marriage STRONG and Healthy

Nobody likes to think of love or marriage as anything like a chore or a job. But the truth is, ensuring and maintaining a long-lasting relationship does take some work — at least here and there, now and then.

Especially during these strange pandemic times, it can be easy to take your loved one for granted…or maybe even get a little burnt out on being around him or her all the time. We’re all human, after all. Nobody’s perfect, and even the most ideal and romantic relationship has its ups and downs.

To that end, we here at Zillion want to offer up some helpful tips and tactics to help keep the flames of love burning long and strong — seven of them, to be exact. After all, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Including making love last.

So let’s take a closer look, shall we?

(Cue romantic R & B track…)

Say “I Love You”…

It might seem like this should go without saying. After all, you’ve committed to a loving life together. You obviously love one another. But we often forget just how much power there is in words — especially positive words of affirmation and affection. Even if you’re not saying, “I love you” on the daily, you should make it a habit to commit to verbal expressions of affection and appreciation as much as you can. If you want to go even deeper, don’t just stop there — tell your partner why you love them; reaffirm just what it is you love about them. Before you know it, you might feel like you’re two young lovebirds just discovering each other all over again. Which brings us to our next tip…

Don’t Skip “Date Night”

Before you were officially Mr. and Mrs., you were just two crazy kids crazy in love with one another. Chances are, you were engaged before you were married. And before you were engaged, you were dating. Well, just because you’re married now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still get dressed up and go out on dates. Or these days, maybe stay in for a date night. No matter what you do, make it a priority to make a lot of eye contact. Connect. Flirt. Talk. Do whatever it takes to recapture some of that early spark that first drew you together. And make sure you make date night a priority in your relationship. That means at least once a month — every month.

Take “Time Outs”

No matter how deep your love, there will be days where loose lips may start to sink some ships. Disagreements and even arguments are inevitable in relationships — the key is how you respond when you’re just not seeing eye-to-eye. Of course, it’s best not to get too heated and say something you might regret later — and always try to have what therapists might call “constructive disagreements.” Regardless of the nature of your argument, it’s always wise to take a “time out” of sorts before reconnecting. Take a break of at least 20 minutes to a half-hour to “cool down” and collect your thoughts. If the topic that caused an argument arises again, you’ll be in a better headspace to discuss it further.

Find Some FUN Every Day

Relationships can get routine, repetitive or even downright heavy. Especially during these uncertain and trying times. It’s vital, however, to remember what first brought you and your significant other together. In addition to all the love and romance and passion that connected you, you probably had a lot of fun when you spent time together. Why should that change…now? Do whatever it takes to keep the good times flowing — or bring them back into your lives. Go somewhere together. Watch a funny movie. Tell each other jokes. Just enjoy each other’s company and connect in a way that feels light and easy. Life is meant to be enjoyed, after all — and so is love.

Share Your Highlights

Speaking of the everyday…at the end of every day, why not take some time to connect and share the highlights of your day with one another? This could become a daily dinner practice — or maybe a nightly bedtime routine. By sharing your small daily victories (and maybe even a few setbacks) with each other, you’ll slowly but surely deepen your bond — and reinforce that you’ve always got one another’s back. So take some time every day to recommit to being your significant other’s No. 1 fan. Strengthen your mutual support network on the daily, and your relationship will only get better.

Put Your Phones Away

Come to think of it, this one might work better coming before the previous love connection tip. We all know we all spend way, way, way too much time in front of screens in our daily lives — especially those small yet super-seductive screens on our smartphones. In fact, chances are you and your loved ones are often engaged in conversation while one or both of you are also engaged with your phone…scrolling through social media feeds, checking or responding to emails, shopping for your next Amazon acquisition, etc. Well, why not take some time every day to just…stop it. Put your phone down. Maybe even turn it off. And tune into one another. You just might find your loved one is a lot more engaging than whatever’s on the other side of that screen. Hopefully, you will.

Surprise Them Now and Then

So much of what we’ve looked at here involves breaking free of the monotony and daily drudgery of modern living. Along these same lines, why not surprise your loved one with a gift or token of affection now and then? Not because it’s their birthday or your anniversary. Just…because. This doesn’t have to involve a fancy dinner or pricey vacation, either. It can be something simple yet sweet, such as random flowers, a love poem or note left somewhere for him or her to discover, or even a sweet, spontaneous text message (just be sure to use at least one emoji if you go this route). The point is you are surprising your loved one with something unexpected and appreciative. You’re randomly reminding them that they mean a lot to you, and you love and appreciate them and their presence in your life. You don’t take them for granted.

Oh, and One Other Thing…

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