How To Plan The Perfect Date Night In

Going out on date nights are a great way for couples to maintain a strong feeling of connectedness. They provide us with an opportunity to create new and exciting memories, rekindle romance, ignite passion and serve as a tangible expression of our love for each other. The impact that regularly held date nights can have on a relationship is near impossible to overstate.

So what’s a couple to do at a time when a global pandemic has put a kibosh on traditional date night activities?

Rest assured we’ve got you covered! 

Keep reading to discover creative ideas to turn your home into an intimate, romantic and interactive space.

Set the mood

Let’s be honest for a moment, we have taken date nights for granted for too long. How many times have we been guilty of mentally checking out on date night? Date night should always be a special time to devote your full attention to yourself and your partner. 

  1. Be mindful of how you feel and ask your partner how they feel. Do both of you feel energetic? Creative? Tired? Checking in with each other is the first step to deciding what activities you choose for date night.
  2. Help each other with chores. If you get anxious just staring at a basket of unfolded laundry, a good idea is to make a list of chores to do together before date night. Don’t leave them all till the day of, you’ll be cutting into date night!
  3. If you have a lot on your mind, date night is the perfect time to play some music and be present with your partner. Worry-free is the way to be.

Unplug for the night

Depending on how well you set the mood, unplugging from electronic devices might be easy for you. However, if you are a creature of habit that checks your email, easily distracted by social media or group text messages, unplugging for the night might be harder than you think. Here are some easy ways to stay unplugged and present:

  1. A great way to commit to a phone-free date night is to have your partner hide your phone. At the end of the night try finding it– it’s an adult version of hide-and-seek!
  2. Choose an activity that requires full focus and hand-eye coordination. Paint with Bob Ross, solve a puzzle, or play a board game. 
  3. Set date night challenges. For every hour of being unplugged a person earns 10 burpees to give to their partner. If someone looks at their phone they automatically have to do double. Be creative and stay competitive!

Choose a theme

Unplugging for the night might be a theme for one date night, but in actuality, it should serve as a rule or agreement. Think of themes as activities, places, or people the two of you love and soon you’ll have endless ideas for date night. Here are some of our favorite themes for date night:

  1. Crime-mystery date night. Play clue, watch Breaking Bad, drink a juicy red wine, and pair it with a steak. Dress up as your favorite villain to add some fun.
  2. Have a holiday party. Recreate some of your favorite holiday-themed drinks, decorate your home, or make paper or edible crafts.
  3. Concert at home. Clear the living room for the music, lounge, and a good bar. Turn your space into a dancing floor and allow one of you to be a house DJ for the night.

Turn the heat up

Date night would not be complete without an epic and delicious meal for two. Instead of ordering for pick up or delivery, choose a recipe the two of you can make. Whether it’s a familiar recipe or something you have been wanting to learn, the kitchen is the perfect place to spice things up. So things don’t turn into Hell’s Kitchen, here is what we recommend:

  1. Choose your recipe wisely. The beauty of cooking is you can make something simple and delicious in 10 minutes. If you are seeking an elevated recipe for date night, keep in mind the preparation needed the day of. You wouldn’t want to be marinating as you were cooking.
  2. Assign tasks to each other. If one of you hates dishes but has really good knife skills, it’s obvious who should be doing what. A sous chef is always welcomed in the kitchen though!
  3. Sip and cook. Libations are important to every date night. Create your favorite or try a new mocktail or cocktail of your choice. Don’t forget to tip your bartender *wink wink*.

Remember that planning date night does not have to be overly complicated. Creativity and collaboration are important aspects to keep date night fun, romantic, and engaging. As long as you keep those details in mind, the possibilities are limitless!


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