3 Tips to Hit the Ground Running in The New Year

Here at Zillion, we’re all about jewelry insurance. We’re also highly committed to staying ahead of the curve — and helping all our partners stay out in front of what’s here now…and what’s next on the horizon.

Life comes at us all pretty fast these days, and if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the only thing we can expect is…the unexpected. We’re also excited about a brand new year — and all the possibilities and hope it brings. If you’re looking to take your own jewelry business or brand to the next level in 2022, there are several things you can start doing (or continue to do) right this very minute. Here’s a quick primer to lend a helping hand and help ensure remarkable (and loyalty-building) customer experiences in the New Year…and beyond. We hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and Happy New Year in advance. Here’s to an amazing 2022!

Finalize Your 2022 Marketing Budget — then EXECUTE

Advertising and marketing are never easy, and everyone is always competing for eyeballs, hearts, minds, appetites, and wallets. But for massive, deep-pocketed jewelry titans like Tiffany & Co., there are certainly some serious advantages (like, say, hiring Beyoncé and Jay-Z to reinvigorate your brand and lure new generations of loyal customers). When it comes to running and growing a small or independent business, however, you’ve really got your work cut out for you. Each and every day, you have to wear many hats and juggle several tasks — from management to recruitment to budgeting to marketing and more. It can be easy for marketing to get lost in that frantic shuffle. But if you build your budget out without allocating considerable time and money toward marketing, advertising, and promoting your company, you may end up adding even more tasks to that never-ending to-do list. Like lamenting, regretting, shuttering, or even…closing.

As the calendar creeps toward 2022 and the long, sticky tendrils of the COVID-19 pandemic extend into their third year, it’s more important than ever to successfully market and advertise your business and brand — with digital marketing being especially important.

One recent study reveals that almost half of all 30-million-plus U.S. small businesses spend just $10,000 or less on digital marketing each year, while additional data shows that less than 30% of small businesses utilize website analytics. Additional metrics reveal that more than nine out of every 10 online experiences begin with a search engine — and nearly half of all consumers click on one of the first three listings they find.

(We’ll touch on the incredible value of “one quick click” later on in this post)

The importance of ranking high with Google and building and maintaining an intuitive, fast, mobile-optimized website simply can’t be overstated. Of course, there are several additional components to a successful digital marketing strategy, ranging from social media marketing to paid advertising to word-of-mouth marketing that’s fueled by Google Reviews and other digital review sites.

Stay Up-to-Date with Trends and Technology

Making a decisive and strong shift to the digital domain isn’t a strategy confined solely to marketing initiatives. For a while now, we’ve been living in an always-on, mobile device-driven society. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, our ever-present online lives have become even more vibrant, colorful, and multi-dimensional. They’re also more vitally important with each passing day. You’d better be sure your business and brand are reaching people at these virtual touchpoints — regardless of public health orders and their effect on in-person activity.

When it comes to the retail world in general and the jewelry industry in particular, there’s never any shortage of emerging new online, digital, and virtual trends. Even if you and your business aren’t ready to actually and actively implement exciting innovations such as virtual reality (VR) jewelry try-ons and fittings via tools like Gemfind’s RingBuilder® app, it always behooves you and your own business to at least stay up-to-date and in-the-know.

In addition to VR, there’s also a strong, smart surge in AR, or augmented reality, with multi-dimensional turnkey systems like Trueview AR empowering tech-savvy customers to swap out jewelry features and “try on” their custom creations. In a recent blog post, we dove deeper into these and other trending topics in technology and eCommerce for jewelers and jewelry insurance providers.

Implement POS Integrated Jewelry Insurance. And Make It One-Click Easy.

When it comes to modernizing, enhancing, streamlining, and maximizing your company or store(s) in 2022, one of the smartest things you can do is arm your discerning customers with the added security and benefits of jewelry insurance. Even better?  Implement 1-click jewelry insurance that integrates with your Point of Sale (POS). Your consumers will enjoy the convenience, peace-of-mind, and ease-of-use — and your bottom line should benefit, too. It’s truly a win-win for everyone. Especially when you consider how quick and easy you can hit the ground running.

This is where Zillion comes in. We’re an established and leading-edge company in the emerging world of embedded insurance, and we specialize in jewelry insurance that’s always available at the point-of-sale (online or in-store). Even better, our engagement ring insurance and jewelry insurance policies are easily accepted and activated with just one simple click. We integrate with leading POS and eCommerce providers such as Magento, The Edge, Diaspark, ARMS, and BusinessMind for Jewelers. We can even get your own stores up-and-running and live in a matter of minutes!

When you partner with Zillion, you’re offering customers the chance to protect their purchase with the best jewelry insurance policy — right away, with just one click. They’ll also leave your store protected with a risk-free, 10-day window to decide before finalizing their jewelry insurance purchase. It all adds up to a simple and mobile experience that’s ideal for today’s ever-demanding and time-crunched customers

Why wait until the official start of the New Year to make the smart shift for you, your business, and your brand? Visit our Jeweler’s Page right now to learn more and get started on the New You. And don’t hesitate to check out some of the many favorable Zillion reviews or read more of our in-depth blog posts while you’re on our site!

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