Can Social Media Help Find Lost Jewelry?

In today’s world, we share everything on social media. We snap photos of our food, our friends, ourselves… and of course, our happiest mo...

In today’s world, we share everything on social media. We snap photos of our food, our friends, ourselves… and of course, our happiest moments. Getting engaged is no exception. Posting photos of sparkling engagement rings and newly-engaged selfies is just what you do! #blessed

But as it turns out, social media can be so much more than a platform for our #humblebrags and picturesque lives… social media can actually help people. At Zillion, jewelry is our passion, and we’re a sucker for a happy story. So we thought we’d share a few heartwarming stories about how social media has helped people recover their lost jewelry.

The Lost Engagement Ring

Gone In a New York Minute

For UK couple Daniella Anthony and John Drennan, a milestone moment was about to become a social media sensation.

While in New York City to celebrate their tenth dating anniversary, John proposed to Daniella. She said yes, but their bliss would soon turn to heartbreak.

Just hours after their proposal, Daniella lost her engagement ring–it fell down a grate in Times Square. The couple called the police and looked for hours without success. They left without giving the NYPD their names… but their story doesn’t end there.

The NYPD ended up finding Daniella’s engagement ring—but since they didn’t have contact information, they couldn’t get in touch with the couple. So they did what any tech-savvy, 21st century police department would do: they turned to social media.

They Tweeted street security camera footage of Daniella and John, along with photos of the wedding ring. They asked their followers to share, hoping it would go viral—and did it ever! Within a few days, news of the recovered engagement ring made its way back to Daniella & John. The City that Never Sleeps truly came through for these overseas lovebirds!

Reunited & it Feels so Good

Social media works best when folks act fast, but this next story proves that you can still have a happy ending years later.

Around nine years ago, Trisha O’Quinn was fishing with her grandmother when she came across a couple frantically searching for a lost wedding ring.

The wedding ring had flown off the woman’s finger and sailed into the pond after she cast her fishing line. O’Quinn, her grandmother, and the couple searched for hours to no avail. Quinn took down the couple’s contact information… just in case.

Six months later, the pond dried up, so Trisha decided to look for the ring again. This time, she was successful… but the contact information she received from the couple no longer worked. She tucked the lost wedding ring away in a jewelry box and all but forgot about it.

Last year, Trisha was going through her jewelry box when she came across the wedding ring and remembered the couple who lost it. Inspired, she took a photo of the ring and posted it to social media. After over 33,000 shares, the owners of the wedding ring were identified and reunited with their wedding jewelry.

Does Insurance Cover a Lost Wedding Ring?

While these stories all had happy endings, there are countless other cases of beloved rings going missing forever. Losing a treasured jewelry item like an engagement ring, wedding ring or even a diamond earring can be devastating enough—but what’s really tragic is that people often choose the wrong kind of insurance to cover their possessions and lose out on the full value of their jewelry when filing insurance claims.

At Zillion, we offer stand alone insurance plans for your jewelry. So even if you drop your ring in a grate or accidentally cast it into a lake, you’re covered! No matter the piece of jewelry you’re insuring, Zillion has you covered, so you can feel free to enjoy your jewelry and wear it with confidence!


Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelry insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance. If you purchased from a Preferred Jewelers International retailer please email us at and let us know the name of the retailer. Thank you.