Virtual Reality Try-Ons for Jewelry: The Wave of the Future?

It wasn’t that long ago that virtual reality was the stuff of science fiction, but gone are the days when VR was something we all just dreamed about. Virtual reality has begun to permeate several aspects of technology. From video games to military training, VR is all around us.

The latest industry to take advantage of this technology might surprise some people. Thanks to TrueView AR, customers can take advantage of a “Virtual 3D Try On.” It’s taking the jewelry industry by storm by giving customers the chance to “try on” pieces of jewelry. WithTrueView AR, there’s no more wondering if a piece of jewelry viewed online would look good—customers can see for themselves whether or not they like how it looks before they buy.

How Does TrueView AR Work?

TrueView AR (the AR stands for “augmented reality”) offers a turnkey, multi-application system that’s compatible with any jeweler’s e-commerce platform. Bahruz Agayev, TrueView AR managing director, said of the technology: “We’re taking a democratic approach with our product, and removing the red tape so that everyone in the jewelry industry can capture their customers via this very cool shopping experience—and boost their conversion rates as much as the big guys.”

While there are other jewelers that offer similar virtual try-on technology, for the most part, those applications are custom-built for the company—making it something that the average mom-and-pop jewelry store can’t necessarily afford. TrueView AR aims to change that by being more accessible to a wider variety of jewelers. 

A web plugin launches a 3D experience that lets customers see themselves in pieces of jewelry before they purchase—it essentially lets them “try before they buy.” Using a mobile device or a webcam, customers can virtually try on any piece of jewelry in a jeweler’s inventory—without having to download a separate app. 

What TrueView AR Can Do

As a turnkey system, TrueView AR can handle a plethora of customization options. Using TrueView AR, customers can instantly swap several jewelry features like metal, gem types, sizes, and shapes while they are “trying on” the jewelry. Jewelers will love the analytics features and social sharing, allowing their happy customers to spread the word and share their jewelry selfies with all their friends on social media. 

The Benefits of TrueView AR

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to find ways to innovate. Younger generations, in particular, expect outside-the-box thinking, and offering a high-tech service like TrueView AR is a fantastic way for jewelers to hone in on Gen Z as they move toward being their target customer. Each jeweler has its own unique needs, and that’s where a fully customizable service like TrueView AR can help jewelers stay ahead of the game and gain an edge over their competitors. 

We think that this new technology is exciting, and is just the beginning of what’s sure to be a new wave of innovation in the industry. We can’t wait to see where that wave leads!


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