Profiles in True Love: Tactile Wedding Dress

A Young Couple Recently Made Headlines for a "Tactile" Wedding Dress

Here at Zillion, we’re always up for a good love story. From stories of connections that seem destined to tales of lost and found engagement rings, we love to tell stories of true love — and the beautiful jewelry that often accompanies them.  

Recently, we came across a truly heartwarming – and wildly original – story that we’re excited to share with you now. It involves blind U.S. Paralympian Anthony Ferraro, his wife Kelly Anne Walborn, and a rather remarkable wedding dress.

Love at First…Touch

Anthony was born with the degenerative eye condition Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis, or LCA, so there was no “love at first sight” between him and Kelly Anne — at least not from his perspective. In fact, the two first connected on the Jersey Shore when Kelly Anne helped up the high-energy Anthony, who had accidently run into a pole. You might call it…love at first touch.

Anthony’s visual limitations didn’t stop him from competing in the sport of Judo — and winning a total of four Paralympic Gold and Bronze Medals while competing for Team USA. Truly a remarkable and passionate man, the 25-year-old Anthony also enjoys surfing, skating, playing guitar, public speaking, and creating social media content for his company, ASF Vision. He found a deep love for judo after competing (and winning often) in wrestling during high school and college, and his love for “blind busking” musicianship appears to be as equally powerful.

But even more all-consuming is Anthony’s love for Kelly Anne. They bonded deeply over their shared love of travel and adventure, and they’re constantly co-creating content that both entertains and inspires. Anthony and Kelly Anne’s first official date was actually at a Christmas 2018 premiere of a film entitled “A Shot in the Dark.” Created by Christopher Suchorsky and Anthony’s late brother Oliver and now available via Amazon Prime, the film follows Anthony’s remarkable athletic journey from his formative days as a New Jersey and Philadelphia-area wrestler up until the early and immediate successes of his judo career.

Equally creative and positive in her nature, Kelly Anne seemed smitten with the charismatic, multi-talented Anthony from their very first interactions. Anthony describes her as an amazing woman who “goes above and beyond” in everything she does. She even wore a luxurious velvet dress to their film premiere date, encouraging Anthony to touch, feel, and connect with it. He said he had never experienced such kindness and creativity directed his way. Call it…love at second touch.

“She went and bought a velvet dress, which no one’s ever done before, like where they thought that much about me,” recalls Anthony. “I remember her wearing the dress that day, and it was just so incredible.”

Special Day. Special Dress.

That beautiful blend of unwavering devotion and attention to detail was on full display during Anthony and Kelly Anne’s wedding day — along with an even more incredible wedding dress. Determined to make Oct. 2, 2021 an absolutely unforgettable day, Kelly Anne pulled out all the stops to help design a “tactile wedding dress” for their special day.  

Custom made in Brooklyn, New York via a partnership with bridal boutique and custom wedding gown designer Loulette Bride, the unique dress featured various textures designed to delight Anthony’s senses. From its soft cotton-silk hybrid construction to a velvet waistband to 3D embroidered flowers and more, the special gown was unveiled in all its glory as Kelly Anne walked down the aisle to meet her new husband. To top it all off, the bride added a velvet jacket that was also decked out with fringe and soft tassels all along the arms.

 “As my hands went around her and felt every part of it, it was like I was seeing Kelly,” said Anthony afterward. “Tactile stuff is really big to me. My mind was blown and I started crying. Kelly looked like an angel.”

Anthony wasn’t the only one who reveled in the moment. On the social media platform TikTok, the couple’s wedding video got well over 100,000 likes. Major media outlets like Today and The New York Post shared the story with their audiences. And why not? It’s every bit as inspiring as it is heartwarming. It’s a true testament to the power of love — and creativity.

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