Tips to Protect Your Jewelry While Traveling

After the first kiss, first dance, champagne toasts, and cake smashes, you've probably got one thing on the brain: your honeymoon! While...

After the first kiss, first dance, champagne toasts, and cake smashes have come and gone, you’ve probably got just one thing left on your mind and in your heart:

Your long-awaited honeymoon!

While you’re away with your new husband or wife, you want to make sure that shiny new wedding ring set is every bit as secure as your love and fully covered with jewelry insurance. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips on how to best protect your jewelry while traveling.

How to Protect Your Jewelry While Traveling

How to Protect Your Jewelry From Damage

You simply can’t get to exotic honeymoon destinations without spending some time on an airplane. And we all know just how easily suitcases and possessions tend to get lost or damaged in transit. A 2022 SITA report stated that the global mishandled baggage rate has increased by 24%.

While this might seem like the odds are in your favor, why even risk it in the first place? We strongly recommend you pack your jewelry in your carry-on so it’s with you at all times. Even when it’s tucked away safely in a bag you have in your possession, though, accidents can happen. Taking a few precautions while packing your jewelry can help ease your mind if your luggage gets damaged in transit.

Buy a jewelry organizer

There are lots of jewelry organizer options on the market: jewelry rolls, jewelry box organizers, and soft drawstring jewelry pouches are all popular choices. Jewelry organizers usually come with individual pockets to keep your possessions separated — and tend to be compact for easy packing and portability. If you’ve got a little extra money to spend, buying a jewelry organizer is a great way to easily secure your valuables while traveling.

Use a Pill Case

Travel budget looking a little tight? A seven-day pill box or case can work in a pinch! These small plastic boxes have individual compartments to help you plan your daily pill regimen — which means they’re also absolutely perfect for storing smaller pieces of jewelry. The labeled days of the week can even help you plan shiny accessories for your fun vacation outfits. Talk about multi-tasking taken to the next level!

Use What You’ve Got: DIY Jewelry Organizers

Maybe you’ve spent most of your money on the actual honeymoon…and now your pockets are feeling a little bit empty. Not to worry! You can still protect your jewelry and enjoy your honeymoon by getting a little inventive with some supplies you probably already have lying around your house! Try making a DIY “jewelry roll” out of a small, soft travel towel. Just arrange your jewelry, roll the towel, and tie down the ends. Voila! There you have it! A fast and affordable jewelry roll. Here are some other fun DIY jewelry travel organization ideas:

*Use vacuum seal wraps to separate and protect your jewelry

*Avoid tangling by looping your necklaces through plastic or reusable straws

*Organize your earrings with buttons

*Poke earring studs into “old school” erasers 

*Store your rings and earrings together in sandwich bags 


How to Protect Your Jewelry Against Theft or Loss

It’s fun and exciting to travel to a different country, but you also need to play it safe and be smart at all times.

Being in a new place makes us all naturally, innately vulnerable. When navigating unfamiliar settings, we’re often not as aware of our surroundings as we should be. Traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language carries an element of excitement, but it also means you’re concentrating hard on simply trying to understand and be understood — not necessarily on what’s happening around you. While you can’t be on your guard 100% on the time while you’re traveling in a new city, there are a few precautions you can take to protect your jewelry against theft or loss.

Don’t Flash Your Bling Around Wildly

Be cautious when wearing flashy or eye-catching jewelry in large transit areas (airports, bus stations, etc.) and around “seedier” parts of town. Flashing your sparkly diamonds and jewels is an easy way to attract unwanted attention from thieves. We aren’t saying never wear your diamond engagement or wedding ring in public on your honeymoon. Just, you know, be sure to use your best judgment.

Keep Your Jewelry With You During Transit

While packing for your trip, be mindful of what you keep in your carry-on bags and what you designate for your checked baggage. If you’re traveling by plane, security checkpoints may require a physical inspection — giving someone the perfect opportunity to snatch your diamonds while sorting through your bags. If you keep your jewelry with you at all times during your excursions, you won’t have to worry about someone else handling your luggage and swiping your beloved jewelry.

Don’t Leave Jewelry Unsecured In Your Hotel Room

It’s easy to just slip that wedding ring off and leave it next to your hotel room sink when you head out for a dip in the pool or roll out on an exciting excursion. Trust us, though. That’s simply not a good idea. Leaving your jewelry in your hotel room makes it more susceptible not only to theft, but also to loss. That diamond ring sitting on the side of the sink may not be stolen, but it could easily get overlooked and knocked down the drain or swept into the trash while your room is being cleaned (or cleaned out). 

Before you leave, or when you check in to your hotel, ask what options they have available for storing valuables. Some hotels have in-room safes, while others have a security box located at the reception desk. If no secure location is available for you to use during your stay, keep your valuables on you at all times. Never leave your jewelry unprotected in your room!

The Best Way to Protect Your Engagement Ring While Traveling: Buy Jewelry Insurance

Even if you aren’t quite ready for that honeymoon yet and are still busy planning your marriage proposal, you’re likely focused on making sure everything goes off perfectly. You’re thinking about what you’ll wear, where you’ll propose, what you’ll say…and you’re focused on locating the perfect engagement ring that’ll knock your soulmate off their feet. When thinking about proposing and shopping for engagement rings, it’s easy to completely overlook one of the most vital and valuable accessories your new wedding jewelry can possibly come with:

Engagement ring insurance

We know you might think you can do without engagement ring insurance. You might even think that your diamond engagement ring is protected under your homeowners or renters insurance policy. Unfortunately, that’s one of the biggest myths about insurance policies and jewelry! Your renters/homeowners insurance policy protects only a portion of your ring (and only under specific circumstances). But what about when you travel? Even if you’re following all of our tips and tricks to protect your engagement ring while traveling, things happen.

The absolute best way to ensure your valuables are protected against damage, theft, or loss while you’re traveling is to purchase a standalone jewelry insurance policy. You simply cannot rely on your homeowners or renters insurance policy to cover your ring in the event that you damage or lose it while traveling. The best thing about an engagement ring insurance policy is that it’s portable. You know, just like your jewelry.

At Zillion, we offer outstanding engagement ring insurance policies that help protect your beloved jewelry. Zillion connects you with the best jewelry insurance policies, ensuring you can protect your valuable piece or pieces from loss, theft, damage, or natural disasters. A jewelry insurance policy purchased from Zillion through one of our exclusive retailer partners guarantee that your engagement ring is always protected, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Get your free Zillion quote today and discover the degree of difference (and protection) afforded to you by jewelry insurance with superior coverage, transparency, and ease. Our jewelry insurance policies will let you wear it with confidence — at home or away!


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