5 Must-Do’s Following the Holiday Proposal

So you popped the question during the holidays and the answer was a resounding, enthusiastic “YES!” Maybe you read our blogs on the dos and don’ts of proposing during the holidays and how to make the big day perfect. Now that you’re officially engaged, it’s time to get the ball rolling on your upcoming nuptials! Here are 5 must-do’s following your holiday proposal.

Set a Date

Now that you’ve popped the question and the chaos of the holiday season is behind us, it’s time to get down to business. First thing’s first — you’ll want to set a date for your big day! Now as we all know, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, so setting a date might seem a little difficult. Take it in small steps and decide what season you’d like to get married in first. Does an autumn wedding sound like your cup of tea, or do you want to get married during the summer months? Once you settle on a time of year, you can narrow it down to an actual date. To play it safe, you might consider a longer-than-usual engagement. The average length of an engagement nowadays is 13 months. There’s nothing that says you can’t have a 2-year engagement to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch!

Share the News

Once you set a date, it’s time to share the big news with your friends and family! There are a lot of creative ways to share your engagement news, particularly on social media. If you hired a photographer to snap photos when you popped the question, now’s the perfect time to incorporate them into your announcement! Share the photos on social media and consider sending out printed announcements to your loved ones in the form of a “Save the Date.” 

Start a Budget

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun of wedding planning, but don’t forget to set your big day up for success. Once you have your date set, it’s time to sit down and see how much wedding you can actually afford. We suggest itemizing your budget — set a budget for the wedding attire, a budget for flowers, a budget for your DJ, etc. These expenses can pile up quickly, so make sure you have a tool at your disposal to keep things organized and on-track. There are several websites that offer free budgeting tools for planning your wedding — ah, 21st century luxuries!

Get to Planning

You’ve set your date, announced your happy news, and figured out your budget, so now comes the fun part — planning your wedding! From wedding dress shopping to creating a registry, there’s a lot to be done. Consider purchasing a wedding planning binder to keep everything organized. Between choosing vendors, keeping deposits straight, sending out invitations, and all the other moving parts that go into wedding planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Staying organized and having a plan in place for when you feel stressed will help immensely. Don’t be afraid to get your closest friends involved in planning your wedding — they can help take some things off your plate and add even more fun to the process! 

Insure the Ring 

When you purchased the engagement ring, you may have already bought an insurance policy to go along with it. If so, congratulations! You’ve made a smart choice that will help protect your investment. If you didn’t buy a standalone jewelry insurance policy, it’s not too late to do so now. At Zillion, we offer comprehensive jewelry insurance policies that protect diamond engagement rings and other jewelry in the event of loss, theft, accidental damage, and natural disasters. With a jewelry insurance policy from Zillion, you do more than just wear your jewelry — you wear it with confidence!

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