5 Wedding Registry Websites for the 21st Century Couple

More couples are straying from “typical” wedding registry methods at bath and bedding stores and instead are turning to more modern options.

Most married couples will attest that one of the most fun parts of their engagement was building their wedding registry. Sure, there may have been an argument or two involved (Why do we need a snow cone machine?! What do you mean, you don’t want matching hand towels for the bathroom?!), but overall, creating a wedding registry is exciting.

The thing about wedding registries, though, is that they’re evolving. As times change, so does the way couples register for the things they need and want as they begin their lives as a married couple. Once upon a time, a couple would register for items they needed as they moved from living independently to living together as a couple. But since it’s estimated that 66% of couples cohabitate before marriage (according to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research), many couples find themselves with most of the “traditional” items you’d find on a wedding registry—pots, pans, dishes, etc.

More and more couples are straying from “typical” wedding registry methods (so long, in-store registry scanner) at bath and bedding stores and instead are turning to more modern options. Read more below to discover 5 wedding registry websites for the 21st century couple.

1: Zola

Zola is a powerhouse resource for wedding planning and registry. Not only does Zola offer an online wedding registry option for those wanting to pursue more “traditional” registry options (think towels, clocks, knives, etc.), it also offers a section where couples can “register” for slightly more unorthodox things like experiences: spa trips, backpacking adventures, and cruises, just to name a few. With Zola, engaged couples can build their registry, wedding website, manage their guest list, find vendors, and so much more.

Feature We Love: Zola gives couples the option to request donations to a charity of their choice.

2: Amazon

What started in Bellevue, Washington in 1994 as an online marketplace for books has evolved into a household name. Everyone knows Amazon for its easy-to-use ordering, Alexa, and Prime services, but did you know that Amazon also has a wedding registry option?

Amazon’s wedding registry has everything a betrothed couple could desire—from towels to tents; coffee pots to champagne flutes. In a time where you can get practically anything you could desire in a mere two days, Amazon’s wedding registry option is a great option for modern couples.

Feature We Love: The section to browse by celebrity collection, hobby, brand, and more! We all need a little inspiration sometimes, after all.

3: Wayfair

Wayfair is a brand typically associated with furniture—think dining room tables, beds, couches, etc. But they also have a wedding registration option! According to their site, over 350,000 couples use Wayfair for their wedding registry. Wayfair has sections for bed & bath, kitchen & tabletop, storage, décor, and more. Anything you can think of for your home supply and decoration needs, Wayfair is bound to have it! They boast big brand names like Kate Spade, KitchenAid, Lenox, and many others.

Feature We Love: We are particularly fond of the section of the website that lets you browse by what’s trending this month and the overall most popular items!

4: MyRegistry

Many times when creating a wedding registry, you find yourself wishing that you could cherry-pick from several different stores—maybe you love a set of towels from one store, but only have eyes for the bedding you found at another. With MyRegistry, you can have it all! MyRegistry is a universal wedding registry site, meaning you can add items from as many different stores as you want. You can even sync up existing registries you have with other stores! If you’re worried about losing perks that come with completing registries at other stores, don’t—when you sync your registry at MyRegistry, your perks sync with your list.

Feature We Love: MyRegistry gives couples the option to register for more than just items—they can also register for cash to use for honeymoons, adventures, a down payment on a home, and more!

5: Honeyfund

Maybe you already have everything you need as a couple, or maybe you’re more focused on experiences and adventures than acquiring material possessions. A rising trend amongst engaged couples is to register for not things, but for their honeymoon. Honeyfund helps make this happen! Couples can create their honeymoon fund registry and wedding website all in one spot… but Honeyfund’s registry options aren’t limited to just the honeymoon. Engaged couples can register for cash to help with wedding expenses, for charity donation, and more.

Feature We Love: The section of the site for couples to browse deals and bundles for all their honeymoon destination needs.

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