5 Websites Every Bride Should Visit

Check out these 5 websites we think every bride should visit for ideas for everything from fashion to vows!

After a proposal, there’s a lot to think about before you even get to the nitty gritty of wedding planning: What will your colors be? Is a theme wedding your thing? Just how much can you do yourself?

Any newly engaged bride-to-be will tell you that answering these questions is all part of the fun, but sometimes you need a little outside inspiration. Thankfully, there are a plethora of options if you’re a little tapped out in the brainstorming department. The internet is full of creative brides (and grooms!) sharing wedding ideas. Check out these 5 websites we think every bride should visit for ideas for everything from fashion to vows!


The proof is right there in the name: Brides.com is likely one of the very first websites a bride heads to after getting engaged. This website has it all, with areas about engagement, fashion and beauty, showers and parties, registry, honeymoon, and more. Brides.com also has a frequently updated blog with articles about wedding inspiration, wedding planning advice, relationship advice, and even photos and stories from real weddings. We particularly love the inclusive, “Love Looks Like This” column on their blog.

Offbeat Bride

Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone, and for the brides who march to the beat of their own drum, there’s Offbeat Bride. This website includes ideas and inspiration for brides looking for a non-traditional wedding including attire, themes, vows; also information about including feminist ideals in your wedding and vows, wedding etiquette, family drama, and LGBTQIA+ friendly ideas. (We’re loving this article about gender-neutral vows!) They even have a section dedicated to eloping—it doesn’t get much more non-traditional than that!

Bespoke Bride

If you’re crafty and looking for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind wedding, look no further than Bespoke Bride. This website is a crafty bride’s dream with sections for planning, inspiration, travel, free printables, and comprehensive DIY instructions for things like Cricut tutorials, DIY dyed macrame backdrops, and more. If you love Etsy and spend more time in Michael’s than you do practically anywhere else, Bespoke Bride will help you craft the one-of-a-kind wedding of your dreams.

The Budget-Savvy Bride

Unfortunately for most, a Beyoncé-sized wedding budget just isn’t a reality. Frugal brides, heads up: this next website’s for you. Budget-Savvy Bride is exactly as the name suggests—a website for planning a wedding on a budget. Budget-Savvy Bride includes advice on how to plan, how to save money, examples from real weddings, DIY projects, printables, and other resources with saving money in mind. One thing we love most about this website is that it includes realistic money-saving advice that even extends beyond just wedding planning!

The Knot

Of course, this list would knot (heh, heh) be complete without the OG of wedding websites: The Knot. From planning tools to vendor searches; a wedding website builder, resources for rings, dresses, photos, ideas, and more, The Knot is the ultimate one-stop shop for wedding planning. The Knot has directories to help you find local vendors, a community section with message boards to swap ideas with other brides-to-be, and even a free wedding planner app.

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