6 Resolutions to Strengthen Your Marriage This Year

Whether you’ve been married for a while or are a newlywed still basking in that “just married” glow, one thing is certain: it’s important to always work on your relationship and connect with your spouse! 2020 was a tough year for everyone and the new year is the perfect time to take a moment to come up with a plan for keeping your relationship going strong. Check out our list of 6 resolutions to strengthen your marriage this year.

Schedule Date Nights

Date nights… remember those?! It may seem like an unattainable dream in today’s world of social distancing and precautions, but there are plenty of ways to date your spouse without a traditional date night. Right now is the perfect time to get creative, clever, and fun with the time you spend together! If you love exploring new restaurants, that doesn’t have to end just because indoor dining has been put on hold. Order takeout from a new place you’ve been wanting to try and have a picnic in your car or, if the weather’s nice, outside! If the two of you are homebodies, schedule regular movie nights in the comfort of your own living room. Pick a new genre of film each week, or get together and make a “Movie Bucket List” for each other. Has your wife never seen “The Goonies?” Put it on the list! Hubby missing out on the classic Coen Brothers film, “The Big Lebowski?” On the list it goes. (Bonus points if you make White Russians to sip while watching it.)

Find Out Your Love Language

In the 1992 book, “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate,” author Gary Chapman theorizes that we all have one primary “Love Language” out of five: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts. Learning your respective “Love Language” and then coming up with creative ways of speaking each other’s language is just one of many ways to strengthen your bond and encourage a healthy and fulfilling marriage. 

Do Something New Together

Nothing strengthens a bond like breaking out of your comfort zone with the person you love and doing something new and exciting. Look into things the two of you can do virtually: take a cooking class, learn a foreign language, or learn to play an instrument together. If it’s new to the two of you, do it! 

Be Vulnerable

Opening your heart to another person isn’t always the easiest thing, but it’s vital to a strong and healthy relationship to be vulnerable. Set time aside to connect with your spouse and talk about things that you wouldn’t talk about with anyone else. Share your hopes, your dreams, and your fears with your partner — while it might seem scary at first, nothing will make you feel closer than by letting your spouse see you at your most vulnerable. 

Plan For Your Future

When you get married, you’re telling the person you love that you’re in it for the long haul — so plan for that long haul! Sit down together and plan for your future. This could look like a lot of different things: planning for a future vacation, plans for starting a family, buying a home, or even getting your finances in order. That last one’s not the most romantic thing ever, but having a financial plan for your future is actually one of the most loving things you can do for your partner. 

Surprise Each Other Often

Any couple that’s been married for a while will tell you that it’s incredibly easy to fall into a comfortable routine with one another. And while being in a stable, solid, and loving relationship is one of the greatest comforts in life, it’s also essential to keep your spark for one another alive! You can surprise your partner in many ways: buying their favorite treat, surprising them with flowers, coming home early from work and whisking them off on a surprise adventure, cooking for them… the possibilities are endless.

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