Lost Ring? Follow These 6 Steps NOW

Oh dear. Oh my. Oh man. Oh…

No. Not this. Not here. Not now.

Why? Why here? Why now? Why…me?

If you happen to lose a prized diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, or other valuable ring, these and many other thoughts are racing through your head right now. We get it. It’s totally understandable. But the next few moments are key to any hopes of recovering your lost ring. So please, trust us. Take a deep breath. Focus. And follow these six simple steps…

STEP 1: Focus, Focus, Focus…

Oh boy. Talk about a big loss. This one really hurts, right? To lose something so small that’s every bit as valuable (probably even invaluable, in your mind) just seems like the ultimate lose-lose loss scenario, doesn’t it?

We’re not here to sugarcoat things. This is a pretty dire situation. The odds of recovering your lost ring are surely not in your favor. But at no point in your quest do we suggest you lose your mind or your faith — or forget to keep your focus and just…breathe.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. Focus, focus, focus. Calm yourself. Center yourself. Then motivate yourself. This is a prized possession you’re on the hunt for — a lost ring. If anyone can do this, it’s you? Right? Right. Gollum’s got nothing on you.

(Especially if you continue to follow this helpful step-by-step path…)

STEP 2: Retrace Your Steps

If you were a lost ring…where would you be hiding? Well, considering the lost ring in question was once beholden to travel everywhere you decided to travel, it makes sense to send your search party back to where you began this particular day in your life…and retrace your steps to the best of your memory. Or maybe you’re convinced you’ve actually been without your ring for a few days (hey, we don’t judge) before realizing the error of your ways. Do the math and count the hours. Then turn the hands of time back…and reach into the past with an eye towards recovering your lost ring.

The more people you can recruit into your lost ring search party, the better. Extra eyes, flashlights, minds, and hearts can only help you increase your odds of success here. So by all means, round up a strong posse. Maybe even give your group a fun name like The Significant Seven or The Grateful Eight. If it’s a long, arduous search that awaits you, you could get real official and create printed and/or digital “Lost Ring” materials — and possibly even a fun “treasure map.” More likely than not, you just want to find your lost ring. As soon as possible.

Some great places to include in the immediate search for your lost ring include:

  • Your house, apartment, or hotel room
  • Your car, truck, moving van, or travel trailer
  • Your workplace or places (including break rooms and/or bathrooms)
  • Your gym (including the locker room and bathroom)
  • Your local pawn shop
  • Any other business or restaurant you visited (including their lost-and-found areas)

STEP 3: Call in the Calvary (or an Expert)

If you’re sure (or pretty close to certain) that your ring went missing in a specific, searchable location (the briny bottom of the moonlit Pacific Ocean might not count), you should consider calling in a professional. From seasoned treasure hunters to dedicated “ring whisperers” to local oddballs with high-level metal detector technology and skills, you can find an array of such people via the magic of the internet, with TheRingFinders.com serving as the most logical launch point for professional help locating lost rings.

Here at Zillion, there’s nothing we love more than jewelry insurance. But a beautiful love story runs a close second. Sometimes, we even get to tell heart-warming stories about not only lost love rediscovered…but also wonderful tales of lost rings returned to their grieving, lonely owners.

We’ve seen and heard a lot in our time, including some pretty wild jewelry insurance claims. We firmly believe anything is possible when it comes to missing jewelry, lost engagement rings, and wedding bands gone wild. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to track down your precious, recently-lost piece of jewelry. You can even consider calling upon the magic of social media to help track down your lost ring.

STEP 4: File an Insurance Claim…and a Police Report

Once you’ve assembled your dream team (or launched your own immediate solo mission) to track down your lost ring, you should do something else before you get too “deep into the woods” (or the beach, mountains, or concrete jungle of your immediate environment). You need to call your insurance provider, and make a lost ring insurance claim. As a rule of thumb, you should make this call to your insurance company within 24 hours of realizing your ring has gone missing. Your lost ring may be covered by renters or homeowners insurance — but if you’re really fortunate (and super smart), you can confidently turn to the dedicated experts at a jewelry insurance provider to provide lost ring insurance.

(We’ll tell you more about easy-to-use, affordable, and invaluable jewelry insurance at the end of this post.)

Depending on the particulars of your insurance type, provider, and policy, you’ll either receive cash or payment to your jeweler for a replacement for your lost ring. Alas, there’s no guarantee you’ll get back what you originally paid for your lost ring, no matter how valuable it is. With the typical renters or homeowners insurance policy jewelry provisions, your diamond engagement ring (or any other ring or jewelry piece in your collection) is classified as a “non-essential” household item. That means you’ll likely receive between $1,000 and $2,000 for a lost diamond engagement ring, even if it’s worth much, much more. If you applied for a policy extension (or “rider”) with higher coverage specifically for your ring, you’ll likely get a bit more back. Be sure to have your policy information handy, along with the diamond grading report and photos of your lost ring, before you call your insurance provider to file a claim. They may also request your most recent jewelry appraisal on the lost ring, as well as a…police report?!

Yes, a police report. Even though this is no high-stakes diamond theft caper, you should still file an official police report for your lost ring — especially if it’s a lost engagement ring featuring diamonds or other precious gemstones. To do this, visit the police station near wherever you likely lost your ring. The police will ask you to complete a report detailing when and where your lost engagement ring went missing — as well as the tell-tale, identifying details and features of your particular ring. You’ll want to include:

  • A detailed description of your ring, including the color and size of the band, the diamond or gemstone(s) shape, carat weight, engravings, and/or any unique features
  • The report number of your lost ring (if it was evaluated by an official diamond grading lab)

After your police report has been processed, the police department will assign you a case number — and contact you if there are any developments or updates in your case. Keep in mind, there’s always the chance someone will find your lost ring and “do the right thing” by turning it over to the local authorities.

STEP 5: Call your Jeweler/Get a Temporary Ring

Yes, that’s right. It’s best to lob another call in this already-stressful process. Remember, the more people you put on your search team and by your side, the greater your chances of locating a very small missing object…out there all alone in a great big world.

So take a moment to pick up the phone (again) and place a call to the jeweler who provided your lost ring. Or if you’re tired of talking on the phone, you can just shoot them an email. It’s possible they might have another ring in the same style available for you if you can’t track down the original. If not, they might be able to custom craft something close to it. There’s even an outside chance they offer you some sort of loyal customer or “sympathy” discount if you need to purchase a new ring. You won’t know unless you talk to them and ask. Chances are, they’ve dealt with many customers who have lost rings over the years.

If it’s a lost engagement ring you’re on the hunt for, you might consider borrowing a ring from a family member or friend. You might even be able to buy a “fake ring” from your jeweler. This way, nobody will notice your suddenly naked ring finger — and start asking questions or pointing fingers of their own.

STEP 6: Call Zillion (aka The Jewelry Insurance Experts)

What, make another call? It may seem like we’ve suggested you solve the Mystery of the Lost Ring by calling pretty much everybody except…Sherlock Holmes. Or Saul. Trust us, however. Here at Zillion, we intimately understand all the ins-and-outs, ups-and-downs, and Xs-and-Os of jewelry insurance. We’ve even published what we like to call The Ultimate Jewelry Insurance Guide. We also offer The Ultimate Guide to Buying Engagement Ring Insurance. You might even say we’ve made jewelry insurance – and making it affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use for our partners and customers – our driving mission and passion in life. We’ve even streamlined the jewelry insurance claim process.

So go ahead. Call your friends. Call the cops. Call your insurance company. If you don’t already have a dedicated jewelry insurance provider? Make the call to Zillion.

When you call on the jewelry insurance experts at Zillion, you’ll get so much more than the outdated services of a long-dead British super-detective or some shady assistance from a TV lawyer called Saul. You’ll get real jewelry protection — delivered by real jewelry insurance professionals. This way, you can live your life with true freedom and wear your jewelry with complete confidence — no matter where you go or what you do.

Why wait another moment? Get your fast, free jewelry insurance quote at our online home today!


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