Real Love Stories During Shelter in Place

Read this post to discover unique & creative ways people have chosen to express & celebrate their love during COVID-19.

They say if love is meant to be, it will find a way, but what are the odds when people all over the world are sheltered in their homes, unable to meet in person or connect in conventional ways? At first glance, these circumstances don’t appear to bare the trademarks of a great love story in the making. Yet somehow, despite the physical limitations in place, you don’t have to search for long to discover amazing stories of love (with a little help from technology) finding its way into the lives of many.

From first dates to wedding ceremonies and little acts of love in between, keep reading to discover unique & creative ways people have chosen to express & celebrate their love during COVID-19. We hope the following stories bring you joy and maybe even inspire you to find, pursue & share your love with the world!

Dating In a Quarantined World

The Final Roll

James Parenteau and Tyler Cohen created a modern parody of the popular ABC show, The Bachelor, with a quarantine twist. The Quarantined Bachelor is an Instagram series that is catching momentum after it’s first season with bachelor Richard Shall, a San Francisco resident. As explained by James, “Instead of a rose there is a roll of toilet paper and no ring just a date after…”. Contestants like Sara Grace Rosselli expressed to local news that the series “has been so much fun and a great way to get out of my comfort zone,” but more importantly has connected strangers in a low stakes situation. There are zero hard feelings for the contestants and Katie says the best part of the series is having six new friends.

Love at New Heights

Tori Cignarella was dancing on her rooftop in New York City enjoying the fresh air after feeling cooped up in her tiny apartment. She caught the eye of Jeremy Cohen, a creative NYC photographer who lived across the street. Jeremy waved hello from his balcony, and he decided to send a note on a drone that simply read, “Text me?” with his number on it. A viral video later, the two had a date while Jeremy was inside a human hamster ball that eventually led to a socially distanced fancy dinner on their respective rooftops across the street. Their story reminds everyone that a potential love interest might be right under your nose, and with a bit of creativity and courage, you might just find it.

Chicago’s Quarantine Bae

Two friends replaced their weekly wine and virtual trivia night with virtual dating. Inspired by Netflix’s popular reality show Love is Blind, these self-proclaimed Baemakers are helping single people in Chicago find their #coronacutie. Quarantine Bae is an online and local matchmaking service that is spreading hope to the windy city’s singles determined to flatten the curve and not their love life.

Finding New Horizons for Love

A Beach Wedding Surprise

An east coast couple experienced the heartbreak of a dreamy spring wedding in Brooklyn New York scheduled for April 12, 2020. Like most people around the world indoor and creative activities like board games, puzzles, art, and video games have been their go-to distractions. Groom Nazmul Ahmed invited his fiance Sharmin Asha to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a social simulation video game to pass the time. Little did Sharmin know her soon-to-be husband had planned a virtual beach wedding with friends that have been playing the video game long before her.

Long Distance Date Nights

With date nights being on hold until further notice @momo_obrien and her Canadian boyfriend went on a virtual museum date. Long-distance couples all over the world are dating in Animal Crossing and creating their own universe far away from social distancing and COVID-19. Free time now is dedicated to planning picnic dates, birthday parties, adventures, and much more in a virtual world that has bonded many couples for hours a day in the last four weeks of quarantine.

Tying the Knot During COVID-19

Philadelphia, PA

Audrey Westerman and David DeJoseph decided to get married in their home on March 21, 2020. They sent a link to all their guests so they could share the celebration virtually through Zoom. In an interview with Brides Magazine, Audrey reminded other #covidbrides, “to focus on what’s important and not let the chaos come between you and your partner. You’ll marry your best friend one way or another, so try to focus on the positive and lean into the support from loved ones.”

Mesa, Arizona

Many couples are choosing to celebrate their love during a unique moment in history. The coronavirus didn’t stop Roxy and Alex Porter, who were married in Arizona in the groom’s parent’s backyard at the end of March. It was by no means what they had planned but as Roxy captioned in her wedding photo, “welp kids, let me tell you about the time your daddy and I got married.”

Brisbane, Australia

Although Bindi Irwin and her fiance Chandler had planned a beautiful spring wedding with a guest count of 200. The daughter of the late Steve Irwin nicknamed, “ The Crocodile Hunter,” chose to hold a small ceremony in the Australia Zoo Gardens, where her family and fiance live. Their message to their guests and people around the world, “hold onto hope and love during this unprecedented time in history.” See her Instagram post and related wedding details.

Brooklyn, NY

There is no better season for a New York wedding than springtime. Paula Fastuca and her fiance Ken Caccavale were determined to keep their date and decided to turn their 185 guest list into a fabulous group of five. Yumi Matsuo captured their wedding on the rooftop of their Brooklyn apartment as she described, “neighbors watched from their fire escapes, officiant 6 feet away, purell, face masks and all…”.

Love is full of unexpected moments and Zillion understands how uncertain life might feel during social distancing. We’re inspired by couples choosing to express their love confidently under the CDC recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19. Whether it’s the first date, virtually connecting with a long-distance partner, or the biggest day of your life we hope you find ease and confidence in your love life.


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