10 Ways to Celebrate Love During Social Distancing

Social distancing and SIP have sparked creative and unique ways to celebrate love for dating, engaged, and married couples alike.

Social distancing and shelter in place have sparked creative and unique ideas to celebrate love for dating, engaged, and married couples. Our expertise is in the protection of your finest jewelry so we understand your investment in life’s most cherished occasions. The experience of missing a special moment with your loved ones is a complicated situation to navigate through. We hope the following ideas can jumpstart your creativity to continue to celebrate love in small and big ways.

Keep the Traditions Going

Share a special moment and bring joy into your loved one’s life. With a little creative use of technology you can share the magic of a tradition with your partner and others.

1. Digital Date Night. If you are known as the couple that hosts parties all the time, try hosting a date night with your other half and your closest friends. Add a theme so everyone can have an excuse to dress up. Plan trivia games and create a playlist to share with the whole group.

2. Share a Couple’s Dance. Plan a romantic night up for two with dinner and a dance. Play a meaningful song or listen to all your favorites as a couple. If dancing is not your strength, enroll in a virtual couple’s dance class near you.

3. Start a Parade. For those with anniversaries or milestone birthdays in quarantine fear not. Set up a drive by parade so friends and family can celebrate with you from afar. Include sanitized party favors at the end of your driveway for anyone who stops by.

4. Have a Festival. If you have a special anniversary coming up, treat the members of your family who are sheltering in place with you by creating a remote music festival in your own backyard. Add some decor, beverage stations, food options, and lounge area to elevate the atmosphere. Make sure to include a photo booth to capture the memorable experience.

Celebrate an Engagement Remotely

Share the anticipation of a future wedding that complies with social distancing rules. Rather than delay the big news, try the following:

5. Show off your ring remotely. Haven’t been able to share your beautiful engagement ring with friends and family? Make a fun video to send them to share your engagement and gorgeous piece of jewelry.

6. Social Media Save the Date. Add some fun to your big news by trying some TikTok Dances and customizing a video on social media for family and friends. Announce your engagement in an entertaining way that captures your personality as a couple.

7. Have a toast with friends. Host an online party through Zoom or Google Hangouts. Everyone can pour their own bubbly and toast the honored guests.

Tie the Knot Virtually

We all know happily ever-afters don’t just happen, the best ones are full of adventure, adversity, romance, and spontaneity! Social distancing has affected many weddings planned for March through June, yet many couples have decided to opt in for unconventional ways to honor their big day.

8. Get married now and later. If your date was scheduled for March or April, perhaps eloping with your fiancé, photographer, and closest family members while quarantining is part one of your incredible love story.

9. Livestream the wedding. In the middle of social distancing it may be hard to invite your whole guest list, but technology has empowered many couples to celebrate their special day. Zoom your wedding to share the moment with others while also flattening the curve.

10. Remote Reception. Host a virtual reception with family and friends. People can dress up in their wedding guest attire, order take-out from their favorite restaurant, and share a meal with the future or present newlywed couple. Add some traditional wedding events like cake cutting, games, a toast, or first dance to share with your loved ones.

Our takeaway message, continue with your celebrations of love in safe and healthy ways that protect you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a special anniversary party, wedding shower, engagement party, newlywed celebration, and beyond. Social distancing does not limit our capacity to share love. While we hope socially distant occasions are not a thing of the future, they do serve as a beautiful reminder that love truly does defy all boundaries.

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