7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Engagement Ring Inspiration

A round-up of 7 Instagram accounts to follow for engagement ring inspiration curated by Zillion.

Once you know you’ve found The One, you might start thinking engagement rings. Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, you’re bound to have diamonds on the brain once things start getting serious.

From learning about the 4Cs and choosing lab-grown or natural diamonds to picking the perfect gold band, there are a LOT of options when it comes to finding that perfect diamond engagement ring. If you’re starting your search for an engagement ring, check out these 7 Instagram accounts to follow for engagement ring inspiration.

1: The Carat Club

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The Carat Club features user-submitted photos of all kinds: selfies, engagement ring close-ups, engagement photos, and more. A quick scroll through their feed treats the viewer to diamonds of all shapes and sizes!

2: Finelli Designs

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If you’re looking for detailed, up-close engagement ring inspiration, check out Finelli Designs. Their Instagram account features a variety of high-quality images of diamond engagement rings. They boast handcrafted, U.S.-made designs with ethically sourced materials.

3: Michellia Fine Jewelry

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Seattle-based jeweler Michellia Fine Jewelry is a fantastic Instagram account to follow for unique engagement ring inspiration. If diamond engagement rings aren’t your thing, check out this feed — it features engagement rings with gemstones like opal, pearl, and more!

4: Aurora Designer

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This is another great Instagram account to follow for more offbeat wedding and engagement jewelry inspiration. Just check out the tourmalated quartz engagement ring pictured above. It’s not a diamond, but it’s breathtaking all the same! In this feed, we spotted gorgeous engagement rings with lavender sapphire, salt & pepper diamonds, aquamarine, and more. They also do custom work!

5: Custom Made Jewelry

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As its name suggests, Custom Made Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Their Instagram feed is full of breathtaking creations with both traditional diamond settings and engagement rings featuring gemstones like rubies, opals, and more. Simply breathtaking!

6: Identity Diamonds

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Featuring rings with Fair Trade Gems, ethically-sourced materials (including recycled gold!), and lab-grown diamonds, Identity Diamonds has a feed full of sparkly delights. We particularly love their frequent attention to detail as shown in the photo above — so lovely!

7: The Ring Concierge

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Ring Concierge is a New York City-based jeweler that sells bespoke bridal jewelry, fine jewelry, and more. Their Instagram account often features multiple rings on the same hand — we love being able to look at several different types and styles of rings next to one another for comparison!

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