5 Times it’s Wise to Remove Your Engagement Ring

A look at 5 times it's wise to remove your engagement ring even though you never want to take it off!

Nobody can deny that getting engaged is exciting. Once you have that ring on your finger, you can’t help but gush about the proposal to all your friends. Your life becomes a whirlwind of wedding plans and parties, and flashing your brand-new bling becomes second nature.

It’s natural to want that new engagement ring to stay with you at all times, but there are some instances where it’s smart to take it off and leave it safely stored at home. Let’s take a look at 5 times it’s wise to remove that ring.

While Gardening

Anyone who has a green thumb knows there’s nothing like digging your hands into some fresh soil and helping things grow. But before you do, take your engagement ring off! Not only is pawing through the dirt a quick way to turn that shiny diamond into a filthy mess, but you could actually lose your ring in the soil! This happened once to a woman in Canada. Yikes!

When Applying Sunscreen or Other Lotions

When you’re getting ready to spend time in the sun, applying sunscreen is a no-brainer. But don’t be so anxious to get out there that you forget to take your engagement ring off first! Wearing your ring while applying sunscreen or other slippery lotions is a recipe for disaster. Over time, lotion can build up in the crevices of your ring and create a whole lot of gunk and create a dull film on your diamond. Not to mention the risk you run of losing your ring while your fingers are all slippery! We know you want to keep your ring safe and shiny, so make sure you take your engagement ring off before applying any type of lotion.

While Swimming

There’s nothing like a refreshing swim on a hot day. Before diving into a pool or body of water, make sure your engagement ring is off your finger and safely stowed! Over time, both chlorine and salt water can erode certain metals and damage gemstones. And when your fingers get cold, they shrink — which could result in your ring slipping off your finger and into the water without you even realizing it. Play it safe and take your engagement ring off before you go swimming!

While Cooking

They say that when something is cooked with love, you can really taste it. This, of course, is figurative but if you wear your beloved ring while prepping and cooking dinner, your guests may get a literal taste of something you cherish — your engagement ring! Wearing your ring during food prep and while cooking isn’t the best idea. If you’re cooking with butter, oils, eggs, and other slippery food substances, your ring could slip right off your finger and end up in the garbage, down the drain, or worse: in the food! Taking your ring off before you start making dinner ensures your ring is safe from drains, disposals, and other people’s mouths. (Gross.)

While Exercising

Adding exercise into your daily routine is a great idea. (We’re going to do it soon. No, really. We swear.) But don’t be so laser-focused on your workout routine that you overlook something simple: removing your engagement ring before hitting the gym. Whether you exercise outside or indoors; whether you lift weights or do cardio, taking your ring off before breaking a sweat is a wise choice. Sweating can lead to slippery fingers, which can lead to lost rings. And when you’re pumping iron, there’s a chance you could hit that shiny new diamond on a set of weights and chip or otherwise damage it.

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