Read This Post for Great Autumn Wedding Vibes

A post highlighting some beautiful Instagram photos of fall weddings.

Dropping temps, falling leaves, pumpkin spice everything — fall is HERE! We don’t know about you, but after the Strangest Year Ever™, we are ready for the warm fuzzies that inevitably come with autumn. Not to mention that getting married in autumn comes with benefits: November is one of the cheapest months to get married in the U.S., cooler weather means less sweating (have you ever worn a wedding dress? They are shockingly heavy.), and the fall colors are often enough natural scenery to allow for fewer decorations and flowers.

There’s also just something that feels extra special about getting married in the fall — that’s why we went searching through Instagram for some posts to inspire those cozy feelings. Check out these Instagram posts we found that give us great autumn wedding vibes.

This beautiful photo captures the magic of an autumn wedding with falling leaves in front of this blissful couple.

We can practically feel the cool air and taste the hot apple cider that was undoubtedly served at this autumn wedding. And this feels perfect for the smaller weddings couples are having due to social distancing measures. What a sweet, intimate setting for a cool autumn night.

This one makes us want to find a big pile of leaves and jump right in — wedding dress and all!

These bridesmaid dress colors look like they were inspired directly by autumn leaves, and we are HERE FOR IT. We love this rich, earthy color palette so much.

This inviting setup with lots of candles and pumpkins feels like the epitome of autumn coziness!

This is another venue that just SCREAMS “fall!” Can you imagine saying your vows under those lights? It’s like a fall fairytale up in here.

We love autumn weddings. There are so many beautiful photo opportunities and creative ways you can capture the magic of the season in your wedding colors, décor, lighting — even in your desserts! We don’t know about you, but we think it’d be pretty cool to get to munch on pumpkin and pecan pie at a wedding reception. But no matter what time of the year you say “I Do,” one thing remains the same: you need coverage for your new wedding jewelry! Protecting your diamond engagement ring with a comprehensive insurance policy from Zillion gives you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy the wedding of your dreams. Zillion insurance policies cover your ring in the event of accidental damage, loss, theft, and natural disasters. When you cover your jewelry with a Zillion policy, you can do more than just wear your ring — you can wear it with confidence. Anytime, anywhere, any season.

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