How an App Can Help You Connect with Customers

mobile app connect customers

Constantly in motion. Forever connected. Always…on.

Today’s consumer is all of this and much, much more. And this makes it more critical than ever to meet him or her exactly when and where works best for them.

How does an app can help you connect with your customers? A well-conceived, properly-supported mobile app can serve as valuable resource for your customers—and for your jewelry store or brand as well. Build and market an app that can deliver a convenient, fulfilling, and meaningful user experience, and you’re sure to strike gold (maybe even diamonds).

Of course, you need to ensure that your jewelry business website is good-to-go (and use). But that’s just not enough in 2023. In a world where attention spans are limited to clips of TikTok and Instagram, mobile apps dominate the the “free” time of today’s consumer.

But before we address these five compelling reasons to create a jewelry store mobile app, let’s pause for a moment and digest one much, much larger number:

3.5 billion.

There are 3.5 billion estimated smartphone users across the world, per Statista. This same set of data showed that people spent an eye-popping 90 percent of their mobile time interacting with…you guessed it, apps.

1. Stay top of mind with your customers

Once we reflect on just how many consumers are spending oh-so-many hours glued to their phones, it becomes more and more obvious. Providing them with a smart, intuitive, useful app that is housed on that phone’s screen is simply a smart investment. An app can help you connect with customers – an investment that can pay off again and again. So think of benefit number one as a new-school approach to an old-school marketing concept: brand awareness (sometimes simply referred to as “branding”).

2. Customers can access anything with just one click in your app

Here’s the deal with the appeal behind apps (in addition to their obviously addicting nature): they can seriously save today’s consumer time, energy, and frustration. The more robust and versatile your app is, the more you encourage awareness of your store or brand. What’s even better, you encourage increased purchases and conversions as well. So when building out your app, do your best to give them everything they want and need—all at the tip of their fingers.

After all, who doesn’t like easy? Especially when you pair it with free. (Yes, make sure to make your app free…and available for fast, easy download at the Google Play and Apple Store.)

3. Push notifications to stay connected with your customers

When looking to enhance the level of personalized communication with your potential and current customers, push notifications can serve as a highly valuable resource. An app can help you connect with customers, since you are engaging in real-time when they respond to a push notification. These notifications also leverage customer data like profile information, interests, and purchasing behavior. You can use these individual insights to create updates that are truly customized and personalized. For example, try highlighting features such as product prices and discounts, new product arrivals, and special events.

4. App integrations with useful tools to connect

You need to have a really good mobile app to effectively gain traction with customers. Of course, factors like ease-of-use, understandability, speed, and back-end support are crucial to any app’s success. Another way to ramp up both the “wow factor” and “stickiness” of your app is to provide strong integrations.

One of the more popular app integrations today is a mobile payment system. Such a payment system can be either developed by your internal team or integrated through a third-party provider. By providing your customers with an opportunity to make in-app purchases, you make their shopping experience smoother. The closer to something like “seamless”…the better.

Additional features like calendars, messaging systems, location-based GPS, and more can also be integrated into your app. This increases that “stickiness” quotient we mentioned earlier, further ensuring you stay top-of-mind with your customers.

5. Business analytics to save you time and money

A strong, smooth, integrated app experience can help your jewelry business be more efficient and effective in many ways. Included amongst these avenues is the analysis of collected data.

The information you receive back from your app users can also help drive a shopping and purchasing experience that’s truly customized. Valuable data like location details, user engagement, most-viewed products, and more can really ramp up the way you connect with, sell to, and deliver for your customers.

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