Fun & Unique Places to Propose

How do you ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you? Without a doubt, a serious question that requires serious planning but not so much planning that we lose sight of our creativity and romance. Proposals are meant to be exciting, fun and unique. If popping the big question is in the future, consider the three B’s before planning your perfect proposal:

  1. Brainstorm for BAE by using How They Asked Proposal Idea Generator. Take a quiz, find ideas by location or category to get your planning started.
  2. Buy that bling at your local jewelry store or online. Don’t worry about sizing, focus on the setting, budget, diamond or gemstones you wish to include in your engagement ring. 
  3. Back it up with insurance and have peace of mind. Jewelry insurance pricing will vary on the value of your ring. Packages can cover theft, loss, damage, mysterious disappearance or uncontrollable natural disasters like fires, floods, and tornadoes.

The three B’s will help organize the initial planning of your proposal, but creating and finding a unique place to propose heavily relies on how much of your relationship you decide to bring into the moment. There are many angles to take when thinking of unique places to propose. Consider what place (store, restaurant, park, city, etc), what activity (hobbies, eating, wine tasting, etc.) and even who is most meaningful to both of you. 

Take A Quest

Fantasy book nerds, puzzle solvers, and travel enthusiasts will equally enjoy a scavenger hunt based proposal. Choosing one location to propose is difficult, why not include a bunch of locations for you and your partner? Here’s the tricky part: keeping your partner from raising suspicion of a potential proposal. If a scavenger hunt proposal sounds like the perfect idea for your partner consider the following:

  1. Propose around a holiday, special occasion or birthday. This will help reduce the suspicion that a potential proposal is at the end of the hunt. 
  2. Make it a 2-person scavenger hunt. Orchestrate the event by making the scavenger hunt for your partner and their best friend or yourself. Make sure whoever joins the hunt has oscar-worthy acting skills to really sell the mystery! 
  3. Decide on the clues and locations. Add a mix of places you have been to and haven’t visited yet. For example,if the scavenger hunt is during the afternoon part of the riddle is to order lunch. Have the waiter give your partner the next clue. 
  4. Determine the finish line. As your partner gets closer to the end of their scavenger hunt, be sure to make the moment extra special and romantic. Do you invite family and friends? Do you include a photographer to capture the moment? 
  5. Ask away. Proposing is simply telling your partner that you feel committed, willing, and ready to move forward in your relationship. It’s more than okay to be vulnerable and share all the feels so they understand how special they are. 

Need some inspiration? Check this simple scavenger hunt from Brides.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Set the stage for a romantic evening with your partner by visiting your favorite theatre or one that has beautiful architecture. The movies have always been a place people visit to escape reality and watch a story that might bring them joy, tears, and laughter. If you and your partner enjoy live action performances or film, this might just be the perfect way to pop the question. 

There are several components to consider when planning a theatre proposal, first decide if the venue or film is more important. Does your partner have a favorite movie or play? Does the venue allow for private screenings? Pro tip: most theatre locations are rentable and some are more expensive than others. 

  1. Choose the venue- you don’t have to rent a theatre. Keep it simple and place a screen projector in your backyard or rent an AirBnB for a weekend getaway. Being outdoors under the stars and watching your favorite movie–pretty romantic!
  2. Choose the film or play- local movie theatres offer party packages to host private groups to watch a recently released movie or one of your choice. 
  3. Bring your friends and family- this might help offset rental costs, but also a cute way to celebrate your engagement!
  4. Get creative– a Disney proposal at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Massachusetts went viral after Lee Loechler decided to work with an illustrator to superimpose himself and his girlfriend in a scene of Sleeping Beauty. It is worthwhile to check out how Lee pulled off this magical proposal in Buzzfeed’s behind the scenes video.
  5. Have a camera ready – don’t forget to have camera ready to capture the special moment!

With the romantic ambiance of the movies it won’t be hard to sweep your partner off their feet. This proposal requires a little more creativity so don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements like your partner’s best friends, family or siblings to help you with the planning. 

Elevate Your Proposal

Take your partner on an outdoor adventure for a proposal that will be worth the risk! If there is a hike, national park, road trip, or point of interest you and your partner have always wanted to visit this might be the perfect excuse to make it happen. While the outdoors is extraordinarily beautiful it has unpredictable foot traffic, weather, and terrain. Plan ahead and mindfully to ensure that these elements don’t spoil your picturesque proposal. Consider the geography and season to avoid harsh rain or heat waves. To remain undisturbed from crowds make reservations or visit at a less busy time. Other outdoor ideas for adventurous proposals include:

  1. Ski Resort- Get on the ski lift to ask your partner the most important question of your life. Have a friend or resort staff help you with timing and writing “Will you marry me?” in the snow. Be sure to hold on, this moment makes us all weak at the knees. 
  2. Canoe Trip- Inspired by the Italian gondolas, stroll along a quiet river or lake to set the mood for delightful conversation, beautiful views, and the right momentum to propose to your partner.
  3. Evening Skies- International Dark Sky Parks are a popular place to visit. It may be difficult to capture your proposal by camera, but the breathtaking views of space are definitely worth it. Camp, pop a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the best view of the starry night. 
  4. Mountain Top- Show off your devotion by hiking a mountain with your partner. The hiking trails up mountains can vary in difficulty and traffic. It is a beautiful way to have a private proposal in nature.

Above all, take your time finding a unique place to propose. Your proposal location is not unique because it is trending on Instagram. It is unique because it is meaningful to you and your partner. 


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