Zillion Delights Retailers by Offering Immediate Jewelry Insurance for Customer Purchases

FEB 9, 2019
Zillion Jewelry Insurance Phone

Zillion has announced that jewelry retailers can now enable Zillion to offer immediate jewelry insurance for purchases by their customers. Zillion enables a dramatically better buying experience whereby with 1 click from their phone, customers can activate insurance, leave the store with their newly purchased jewelry, and “wear it with confidence” knowing that they are protected.

“We see this as an added benefit for our retail partners and their customers,” said Kevin Hartley, Co-Founder and Managing Director. “With some of the best jewelry insurance rates and the easiest insurance process in the jewelry industry, we’re excited about how our solution protects and delights customers”.

Zillion’s insurance activation can occur in-store or through an online activation. With 1 click, customers can enable coverage, and have peace of mind.

“Zillion’s insurance policy offers the broad coverage that customers expect, and in most cases, comes at a considerably lower price,” added Adam Black, Co-Founder and Managing Director. “We have worked hard to refine the insurance purchase and claims process, and are able to pass significant savings onto customers.”

About Zillion
Zillion is an insurtech providing jewelry insurance at point of sale, “making it super easy to protect the things you love”. The company emerged from a simple question – In today’s modern world, why is insurance still a cumbersome and confusing experience involving lengthy forms & applications? With Zillion’s technology consumers can obtain and manage jewelry insurance in just 1 click. By partnering with local and online jewelers, Zillion enables a dramatically better consumer experience, providing immediate insurance coverage at time of purchase. Customers can now, with 1 click, walk out of the store with their jewelry, and “wear it with confidence” knowing they are protected. Zillion’s customers are underwritten by AXA XL, the largest insurance company in the world and A+ Superior rated by A.M. Best.

Media Contact:

Zillion partners with jewelers to offer their customers lower rates on jewelry insurance. If you don’t see your jeweler on our list, we’re sorry, we won’t be able to offer you a quote for insurance. If you purchased from a Preferred Jewelers International retailer please email us at partners@myzillion.com and let us know the name of the retailer. Thank you.