These Instagram Posts Give Us Serious Wanderlust

Updated: Oct 7

To say that 2020 has been a lot would be the understatement of the century. All across the globe, people have been social distancing (or full-on quarantined!) since the Spring, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a little stir-crazy. Even those who travel for work have been forced to do so with restrictions and without the casual nature that traveling can afford.

In many parts of the world, the autumn colors are starting to show out in full force. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we’re able to experience some of the beauty that Fall has to offer even from the safety and comfort of our homes! Whether you’ve been able to resume precautionary travel or are still at home, it’s likely you’re experiencing some quarantine wanderlust. Check out these Instagram posts that’ll give you all those warm, fuzzy Fall feelings that you’re craving.

Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

Is it just us, or do hot air balloons just seem like a fall thing? This beautiful scene evokes feelings of cozy sweaters and adventure. Just imagine taking in this breathtaking scene with someone you love by your side.

Sokolniki Park, Moscow

We adore the striking visual of this cable car cradled in a corridor of gorgeous autumn leaves — makes us think of a story full of romance and drama. We can’t help but wonder just where that cable car is going!

Strasbourg, France

There are so many images of autumn with color palettes of vibrant reds and yellows — that’s what makes this photo so striking. This clear, bright blue sky and subtle fall colors in the background really capture the beauty of a crisp autumn day.

Southampton, Massachusetts

What’s around that corner? We’re not sure, but we’ll bet it’s even more autumn beauty with a little touch of mystery. Can you imagine living in a place like this?

Bø I Vesteralen, Nordland, Norway

This photo struck us because of its unusual composition. You’re used to seeing autumn photos of blazing colors on trees, but in this photo the beauty is beneath your feet.

Hardwick, Vermont

Just because weddings look a little different this year doesn’t mean you can’t still have the cozy autumn honeymoon getaway of your dreams. We love this image of a couple checking out their romantic getaway surrounded by autumn beauty.

Quebec, Canada

We’re crazy about the vibrant autumn leaves captured in this photo from Canada. Talk about picturesque!

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Another mysterious path surrounded by beauty. Where will this road lead? We may never know...

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