Protect Your Jewelry from the Unexpected – Part 1

natural disaster

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes.

Fires. Flash floods. Mudslides, maybe. Especially if the rains last long enough…

Oh my!

Dramatic and often-dangerous climate change and turmoil are here. There. Everywhere. To stay. And often-unpredictable and absolutely wild weather patterns and natural disasters are all too real. Today.

Natural disasters just…happen. Seemingly now more than ever before. That’s the reality of the world we now live, work, love, play, and purchase jewelry in.

Heck, the 2023 hurricane season even got going with a scary storm in…California?! Residents of the southern portions of the Golden State lived through the first-ever tropical storm watch in the region’s history in late August. And on the day Hurricane Hilary hit the West Coast with a mercifully manageable landfall, a magnitude-5.1 earthquake also shook California on this scary Sunday. Some called it a “hurriquake” day. (And the insurance industry tends to call it…an Act of God. We’ll get to that shortly.)

Whatever you call it, it’s certainly something to be concerned about and pay close attention to. Now more than ever before. Of course, it’s also of paramount importance to protect yourself, your family, and loved ones in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, climate crisis, or emergency situation.

And here at Zillion, we’re also fully aware of and attuned to the deep importance and multi-faceted value of your fine jewelry piece or pieces. To that end, we encourage you to do everything in your power to make sure they’re protected, too. This includes a comprehensive, cover-everything, go-everywhere, easy-to-implement, even-easier-to-use jewelry insurance policy from Zillion. And in the unfortunate event that you simply cannot protect or save your precious jewelry, we offer some valuable insights here, too.

Plan Your Getaway

While earthquakes and tornadoes can strike at just about any time, many natural disasters tend to give us a bit of a “heads-up”. Residents of Florida and Gulf Coast states know all about the hurricane preparation and evacuation drills. And Californians have become all too familiar with wildfire prep and survival in recent years. So while nobody wants to invite the worst, it’s always best to at least somewhat plan for it. Heck, if it helps, use your imagination some here. And imagine you’re preparing and packing for a…vacation.

So go ahead and get your natural disaster “supply and survival kit” ready to go today—and while you’re at it, make sure to have some component or compartment set aside to accommodate your valuable, treasured fine jewelry piece or pieces. This supply kit can include essentials such as:

  • Water (a gallon per person per day is the rule of thumb…or mouth)
  • Non-perishable food (at least several days’ worth)
  • Flashlight with new batteries (and extra batteries)
  • First aid kit

You should also have a solid, smart, safe escape/evacuation plan in place. When your plan is in place, be sure to run through it with a “fire drill” exercise that involves every member of your household.

For additional tips on this vital topic, visit the site. In addition to the Emergency Survival Kit Builder, you can find invaluable resources such as the Make a Plan Form—and mobile phone-ready tools like Emergency Alerts and the FEMA Mobile App.

Now, About That Jewelry…

Remember, you’ll want to apply the same level of planning, preparation, consideration, and care to your valued and valuable jewelry piece or pieces. There’s several ways you can get your jewelry ready to go with you if you need to evacuate or escape an unsafe situation or place during an eminent natural disaster. These avenues include:

  • Jewelry organizers: Rolls, boxes, soft drawstring pouches, and more are all available. Jewelry organizers typically come with individual pockets to keep your pieces separate. They also tend to be compact, making them ideal for easy packing and portability.
  • DIY pill case: Don’t want to invest in an official organizer? You can turn a typical seven-day pill box or case into one in a pinch.
  • DIY jewelry roll: Again, improvise if you must. Take a small, soft travel towel…and turn it into a jewelry roll. Wrap it around your jewelry, roll the towel, and tie down the ends.
  • Vacuum-seal wraps: Use these to separate and protect your various jewelry pieces.

And remember, diamonds are pricey and cherished the world over for many reasons—chief among them the fact that they’re truly “precious and rare” gemstones. Diamonds must always and forever be handled with extra special care. And treated to their own special, strong, and extra-secure storage case—both at home and on the move when attempting to evacuate a natural disaster. The very least you can do here is give them their own high-end Ziploc bag, eh?

Of course, you’ll also want to ensure that your jewelry is kept safe and secure in your home—especially for times you may be leaving on an actual vacation. We’ve explored many ways to keep your jewelry and valuables safe at home in previous posts. That includes fail-safe methods like, well, maximum-security safes. Home security systems. Check it out later to learn more. And just remember to make sure you can easily access and transport that jewelry…if disaster does strike while you’re in your home.

Eager to learn more? Check out Part 2 of Protect Your Jewelry from the Unexpected!


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