Helping Our Communities and Each Other

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We live in a society seemingly devoted to ultimate, around-the-clock self-satisfaction. And while it obviously feels good to make sure Number One is taken care of, there’s tremendous joy (and deep satisfaction) to also be found in giving back and doing for others.

Here at Zillion, we believe in the power and even magic of giving back and looking out for others—especially when it comes to the companies we work with and the communities we work within. We’re also grateful to have discovered and explored a variety of avenues of helping our communities and each other. From volunteering to partnership, sponsorship, and scholarship distribution, we continue to derive satisfaction and enrichment from helping others.

Here’s a closer look at what Zillion and some of our retailer partners have been doing recently. We hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here!

Always Giving Back

At Zillion, we’re endlessly inspired and informed by innovating within the jewelry industry—and more specifically, the jewelry insurance sub-industry. That’s why we took the lead as a top InsurTech company focused on embedded insurance with jewelry retailers.

We’re also relentlessly driven to “pay it forward” with the work we do. In fact, we consider it an honor to be in the position to help our community and each other. Like many other standouts in our industry, we proudly and passionately support Jewelers for Children (JFC). JFC is a fantastic nonprofit organization that has raised over $60 million to assist and empower at-risk children. Major donors such as Rogers & Hollands | Ashcroft & Oak, Centurion, and American Gem Society (AGS) also support Jewelers for Children.

Connecting with Our Communities—and Scholarships

We enjoy helping our communities and each other on a more local level, too. Several of our valued team members live in and around the charming community of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Many have volunteered their time to support YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga in various capacities—including their “snack pack” program. We’ve also supported Chattanooga’s Gratefull, a city-wide potluck hosted on a giant table in the middle of downtown every Thanksgiving.

Then there’s our Zillion Women in STEM Scholarship. This academic scholarship was created to cover a portion of fees for a young woman pursuing a STEM major at an accredited U.S. university or college. In 2023, this scholarship was awarded to Ms. Anjali Sivasothy, who is set to attend Rice University. Anjali was selected from among a long list of highly qualified, impressive, and involved applicants. Everyone at Zillion was inspired by her passion for improving housing insecurity for low-income Houston families and serving as a role model for young women curious about STEM.

“Zillion values curiosity, courage, and a dedication to solving problems,” explains Zillion CEO Adam Black. “Ms. Sivasothy has embraced these guiding principles, and we are thrilled to award her with this year’s Zillion Women in STEM Scholarship. All of us at Zillion look forward to seeing her thrive while she further develops her academic talent and actively works to improve housing insecurities in low-income areas.”

Prominent Partners in Helping Our Communities

It’s always good to know the right people. And it’s great to know we’re far from alone in our drive to give back to others. At Zillion, we’ve had the great privilege of connecting and working with successful luxury jewelry retailers and prominent partners. Many of these partners have established programs to support causes that help the less fortunate—and thereby enrich us all.  

Some of these companies and giving programs include high-end diamond distributors Kwiat  and their World Water Day bracelet initiative. New York City-based Greenwich St. Jewelers has also hosted raffles for support of Ukrainians impacted by war.

Another incredible project is led by Diamonds Do Good®, a global nonprofit devoted to empowering people and developing communities where natural diamonds are sourced and mined. From the Northwest Territories of Canada to Surat, India, where 9 out of every 10 diamonds are polished, Diamonds Do Good is committed to giving back wherever diamonds are mined, cut, polished, and sold.

Learn more about how you and your business can partner with Zillion to do good and inspire others—including your valued customers. Find out what it means to become a Zillion partner now.


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