A Closer Look at 2021 Spring Jewelry Trends

Spring. It evokes lively, lovely images of rebirth and renewal. Blooming flowers. Chirping birds. Warming sunshine. Cleansing rain. And of course, hot new fashion trends.

As the 2021 spring styles begin to take shape and transition from the catwalks (or virtual runways) of global hotspots like Miami, Milan, Rome and New York City to the socially-distanced streets of our own local neighborhoods, there’s another element of these emerging trends that’s sure to catch our collective eye:

Jewelry. After all, that’s what all of us here at Zillion live for — along with helping you insure your precious jewelry pieces, of course.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the hot spring 2021 jewelry fashion trends.

Clashing Pearls

Over the past year or so, pearls have made quite the comeback — but these aren’t typically your grandmother’s baubly or “clutchy” pearls we’re talking about here. The particular approach this season involves layering and “mismatching” stylish strands of pearls to create a powerful, fashionable look. It also involves men wearing pearls, including music and fashion supernova and Vogue cover model Harry Styles. Since Styles rocked the pearls at the 2019 Met Gala, men’s fashion and jewelry trendsetters and stylemakers have seemed to embrace more and more gender-fluid pieces — including the spring styles showcased by Fendi and N21. So go ahead. Pile on the pearls. Open the pearly flood gates. Nobody is going to judge you.

Spring Bling

If it was up to us, diamonds would always be in style and in season. We’re not fashion tastemakers and trendsetters, however. The good news is that those people are also going all-in on diamonds this spring. From diamond bibs by Chanel to earpieces from Hérmes to sparkling Simone Rocha headwear, fashion runways were lit up by the kind of brilliant, blinding light that only diamonds can provide. Here’s hoping these diamond-driven trends never, ever go out of style. Because nobody loves diamonds as much as we do.

Bingo Bangles

This spring is about much more than playful pearls and dazzling diamonds, however. Jangly bangles are all the rage, too. At the world’s elite spring/summer fashion shows, many white-hot designers and established fashion houses shared one thing in common: a love for bangles. Sometimes even an abundance of bangles. Chloé had them stacked. Lavin matched them in pairs. Jacquemus made single-serving statements. No matter how they played out, the bangles were all jingle-jangle on the spring fashion runways. It all looked and sounded like a whole lot of fun. What’s stopping you from shaking it all out this spring?

Single-Serving Earrings

It probably wasn’t former NFL great Lawrence “LT” Taylor who inspired this particular trend. But the hard-hitting, harder-partying linebacker sure did love to rock his signature dangling diamond earring — in just his left ear, mind you. Whoever brought it back into vogue among fashion designers and influencers, it looks like the single, solo earring is really ready to rock the spring of 2021. The likes of Fendi, Alberta Ferretti, N21 and many others have already hopped and hooped on board. Now you can, too.

Necklace Handbags: Hanging Around

Who doesn’t love a brilliant blend of two great things? A poodle and a Labrador retriever. Rock with a soft touch. Sweet and sour. Naughty and nice. And now…handbags and necklaces. That’s right. In the fall of 2020 (we know, it’s best to forget those dark days), there was a trend toward more traditional handbags (you know, the kind you hold in your…hands). Now, bags that double as necklaces appear to be a very real thing. Need more proof? Peep the newest collections from major names like Chanel and Max Mara. And speaking of necklaces, even the ones that aren’t crossbred with handbags seem to be trending on the longer side — with fashion heavyweights like Chloé, Dior and Tory Burch all reintroducing the low-hanging look this season.

The HOT New Trend: Jewelry Insurance

It might not have been the talk of any catwalk scenes this season, but in certain circles, jewelry insurance is considered so hot right now. Of course, for us here at Zillion, jewelry insurance is always in style — and always easy to set up and call upon.

What’s not in style, no matter the season or year, is seeing your treasured jewelry fall victim to damage, loss or theft. Such unfortunate occurrences are even less cool when you don’t have any form of insurance to fall back or call on.

If you don’t already have an insurance policy in place to protect your jewelry, don’t worry. We make it fast and easy to get started with a free online quote!


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