7 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Most couples have no problem finding wedding planning advice: what engagement rules you can (and should!) break, local venues to book for your nuptials, where to find the best wedding dresses; even how to shop for engagement rings online (very necessary in this age of social distancing!). But once the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon is over and they’re settling into their lives together, many couples wonder how, exactly, this whole marriage thing works. 

Building a strong marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s doable with work, dedication and, of course, love. Here are 10 ways to strengthen your marriage so it’s even stronger than the diamonds we insure here at Zillion.

1: Kiss for (At Least!) Six Seconds Every Day

Relationship gurus Drs. John and Julie Gottman recommend that all couples incorporate at least one six-second kiss into their daily routine. A busy lifestyle can turn those morning or evening kisses into quick, hasty pecks — but Dr. John Gottman describes the “six-second kiss” as, “long enough to feel romantic” while still fitting into your schedule. Gottman suggests prioritizing your partings and reunions, so try fitting your “six-second kiss” in when you say goodbye or hello for the day — and of course, feel free to sneak in more than one kiss if you can! 😉 

2: Prioritize Your Spouse

Speaking of being busy — between work, exercise, friends, and family, sometimes it feels like your spouse has to take a backseat to all the things you’re juggling. And when you add children into the mix? Whew! It can feel impossible to steal some time for just the two of you, but trust us — you will never regret prioritizing your spouse! Whether this means cutting down on social obligations or saying “no” to a family dinner party to prioritize time for you and your partner, making each other a priority is a great way to build and maintain a strong relationship.

3: Be Vulnerable

Nobody really likes feeling vulnerable (especially if you’ve been hurt in the past), but when you have those tough conversations and really open yourself up is when true bonding happens. Whether it’s revisiting old childhood trauma or bringing up an issue you’re having inside your marriage, baring your soul to your spouse is a difficult — but essential — way to create an unbreakable bond. 

4: Be Your Spouse’s Biggest Fan

Maybe your wife gives amazing back rubs, or your husband makes the world’s best spaghetti sauce. Take a few minutes to think of all the amazing things about your spouse — and tell them what you think! Gush about how much you appreciate the meals they make, the baths they give your children, or the way they always seem to know when you need to hear a corny joke. It’s easy to assume our partners just know that we appreciate them, but why not make sure they know by telling or showing them? Hype them up to your friends, your family, and of course, to their face!

5: Don’t Skip Date Nights

We know, we know… you’re busy. And quarantined. And, well, life just gets in the way and it’s hard to make time for a date night. But remember what we said about prioritizing your partner? One way you can do this is by having regular date nights. There’s nothing like a fantastic meal, movie, or just quality time spent with the person who makes your heart skip a beat. Even if you aren’t going out and socializing just yet, you can have amazing, romantic date nights in

6: Create Little Rituals

Do you and your partner have a “thing?” Maybe it’s a show you both love or a board game you play together. Whether your “thing” is cooking, music, movies, binge-watching, or something else, set aside time each week to do your “thing” together — it’ll give you both something to look forward to all week long. Taco Tuesdays, here we come!

7: Don’t Hold Grudges/Don’t Keep Score

Nobody is perfect, and we all occasionally say and do things we don’t mean and hurt others as a result. But when this happens, and we apologize, it’s difficult when the person we hurt holds a grudge or brings up our shortcomings down the road. Don’t do this! Holding a grudge against your spouse is one of the fastest ways to build resentment in a marriage. If your spouse hurts you or does something that upsets you, talk to them about it. And after you’re done talking about it and resolving it, let it go — don’t keep score and throw it back in their face later. A strong, healthy marriage is built on love, trust, and yes… forgiveness. 

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