10 Hallo-Weddings to DIE For

A look at Halloween-inspired wedding posts from around Instagram.

It’s October, and you know what that means… it’s time for HALLOWEEN! That’s right, boys and ghouls — it’s the spookiest time of the year and this year we think everyone could use some extra Halloween cheer in their lives. (Halloween cheer is totally a thing, by the way.)

Late summer and early fall are, generally speaking, the most popular seasons in which to get married and as a result, get most of the attention. It’s common to see brightly colored bouquets and blushing brides beneath sunny skies. But we think it’s high time to draw some attention to the unsung heroes of the wedding world — those brave souls who choose to get married during more of an unconventional season…


To help get you in the Halloween spirit, we’ve curated some wedding photos from around Instagram. Take a look at 10 Hallo-Weddings to DIE For… if you dare.

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A post shared by Jess Coy (@jessaubreycoy) on

Setting the stage for our post is this incredible photo — strong right out of the gate. You’ve got pumpkins. You’ve got candles. You’ve got skulls. The Halloween vibes are STRONG with this couple.

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A post shared by One True Love Vintage Rentals (@otlvintage) on

I put a spell on you… because you’re mine.

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A post shared by Morgan (@xmorganleighx) on

A ring holder that’s also a tiny coffin?! Such a subtle, small touch to add to a creepy wedding vibe.

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A post shared by Noonoo (@natalie_flewitt_mua) on

This one’s pretty intense, but that’s why we love it! That bleeding heart cake getting stabbed by the bride and groom just screams “HALLOWEEN.” And also serial killers. But mostly Halloween.

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A post shared by Bellus Dream Weddings (@bellus_dream_weddings) on

If you’re looking for some bouquet inspiration for your Halloween wedding, look no further than this red-and-black number. It makes our spooky hearts go pitter-patter.

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A post shared by FLAWLESS Weddings + Events (@flawlessweddingsevents) on

There is so much to love about this photo. The striking composition, the makeup, the bride’s headpiece — we try not to play favorites when it comes to these posts, but this photo just might be our #1 in this series.

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A post shared by Kari Martinez Photography (@karimartinezphoto) on

Creepy centerpiece, anyone? These deep, velvety reds evoke feelings of dark rooms that may or may not hide lurking vampires inside.

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A post shared by Last-Minute Signs (@lastminutesigns) on

No Hallo-wedding is complete without a signature cocktail! We love this idea of “his” and “hers” (customize per your unique couple situation, of course) cocktails. “Poison Apple” and “Black Widow” are the perfect complement to a Halloween-themed wedding.

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A post shared by AvaElise Events (@avaeliseevents) on

This couple takes Halloween fandom to a new level by dressing as the unfortunate Mr. and Mrs. Maitland from the movie “Beetlejuice.” There is absolutely no way we could love this photo any more than we already do.

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A post shared by Teagan Doren 🌙✂️ (@bonfiredances) on

What better way to invite guests to your Hallo-wedding than via Ouija board? Be careful, though — you may get a few more guests than you bargained for!

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